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  Yep.   This is usually me, " Go to sleep, child  Go to sleep, child Go to SLEEP! " on those days.
I was born in '87, so i pretty much missed the '80s .   Main memories - falling off the bed and breaking my arm.     Riding piggy back on my step sisters back.   Seeing fairies and tiny little people all over our house.  I have NO idea if I imagined that or if it was real.   Also, a very important "imaginary" friend. Goldigo.  I was a strange child. 
I tried a little bit with ds1. I just wanted some main words, because his grunts and pointing were generally enough for me to know what he wanted.  We taught him "all done" "more" and something else    I tried to teach ds2 those words but him pushing his plate off of the table let me know he was all done  so we never really went through with it. 
Ds1 turned into a obsessed paci user.  At 3, he is still very dependent on it for naps and bedtime.    Ds2 used it a few times, like in the car, when he was an infant, but was never able to hold it in his mouth.  Now (he is two) he is also dependent on the stupid thing for naps and bedtime, but he refuses to actually put it in his mouth. Lol. He holds it in his hand all night.     DD on the other hand so far  can care less about a paci.  I've tried to give it to...
  I am not in the same boat, but  to you ... Having two little ones can be so hard. I am sure someone on here can relate better than I can, but I wanted you to know that your post has been read and that you are in my thoughts ....   Hang in there, mama!
I also wanted to say that there are some things that I let him do.    For instance, when he takes them somewhere and comes back from Burger King with the kids meal and the crowns and drinking shakes ... I don't like it, but dh has told me how when he was little, he *loved* when his parents would splurge on take out like that, so I would never take that away from him.   And whenever he goes to the store, he always comes back with a little plastic toy for both of...
Oh man, you have written my entire life story with my dh! Ever since ds1 was born, I have become more and more ... hippie-ish.  Lol. Dh has tolerated most of the change, even became a huge advocate for BFing and cosleeping, but there are some things he lets me know he will not budge on: he will never do family cloth, he loves that I want us to eat healthy, but he wants his food choices to remain the same (like, instead of take out pizza, I will make pizza, and possibly...
Thank you for this!   And yes, I know 3 is very young to do any kind of formal schooling, but my dh is very traditional and believes in the preschool/early learning system. I just can't ignore his ideas.  That is why Waldorf is so appealing.  It is super play based for age 3. As much as I tell him what we do all day, he doesn't see it, so if I have a "curriculum" written out for him, it will give him peace of mind.  That is the only reason I am asking.  
I loved your pictures! Great story, thank you for sharing :)
  Freddie Prinze, jr!   Actually that reminds me, please tell me someone else was a fan of all those WB shows? Buffy/Angel/Roswell,etc?    Who was that guy from Roswell? There was Max and his sister and .... Michael! Huge crush on that guy.  And then when he was in Final Destination with Devon Sawa ...  .... I was 13 in 2000, that was my "year of huge crushes on famous people." :D
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