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I have some :)   My 3 year old ds, out of nowhere, tilted his head down, slumped his shoulders and became sad-looking.  He even had a frown.  When I asked him what was wrong? "It's okay mama.  One day your vulva will turn into a penis." lol. What?   My two year old has a habit of putting our laundry hampers over his head, and walking around blindly and crashing into things, saying, "Look, dada. Look, dada. Look, dada!" 
Wow, what an ordeal! Glad you are alright. As for babies, I don't know.  I would talk to as many health professionals as possible before making that decision.  You know how some people just jump the gun.  I would want someone to give me some serious pros and cons before deciding no more biological children.  Adopting is always great, I have an adopted brother    For diapers,  I use a big laundry hamper, a plastic one with big holes all around.  This has worked best...
Thanks for replying.  I posted this before I researched online because I thought somebody on here should have a cat and I needed info ASAP  :)    I pretty much been doing as you've written.  Just need to get to that vet, my Monday appt didn't work out.    Thanks again :)
NOBODY knows how to take care of kittens? C'mon people!
I have that book, and I love it.  I feel like I have one spirited (and extroverted) child, and one very introverted child, who is not spirited. I feel like Raising your Spirited Child helped me see my children for what they are, and to make me aware of their little quirks.  It gave me a lot of parenting tools.  I say you should read it. 
You are not the only one! Isn't it awful to feel touched out? Sometimes I feel like screaming when dh tries to cuddle. But like the PPs, it does help to fake interest once in a while. It seems to get the ball rolling.  I always stop when I totally can't bear it any more, or try to finish him off another way.   And I definitely make sure to let him know when I am feeling like I'm in the mood, even when its a random time of the day (first thing in the morning? Hello!)...
I was given two kittens yesterday.  They are about 8 weeks.  Any of you have cats and want to give me some advice?  I know nothing about cats.  They are going to the vet on Monday, but are vets like mainstream doctors? Should I ignore their advice as well?  (Kinda joking here.) But really, is there a "natural" way to raise cats? Is there an animal forum here on MDC? Lots of questions! 
I've been using a WAHM ring sling.  Lil' Peepers Keepers, or something like that. I find that it is comfortable pretty much all day long, but not sturdy feeling.  Like, although I can go hands free,  going up and down, and up and down, and up and down picking up toys is not comfy. Why is your Ergo too wide, do you have the infant insert?  That thing I can go up and down in.  I feel like my Ergo is more of a "around the house/housework" type of carrier, while my ring...
I just read this whole thing! This was a great read :)   (We say vulva with the kids.)
Is there a way to see it if it was missed? I'm curious to watch it now...
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