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im sorry things are not working out the way you expected. it sounds like although your mom would love to watch your LO, she doesnt seem ready to leave her work either =\ i went through the exact same thing (my DS is 10 months now) and this is finally my last week of work. FINALLY. for me i feel, if things like "so and so watching baby" doesnt work out, then whats the next best thing? thats why i chose to stay home. i love my job, but childcare is not an option, and...
[QUOTE=nicholeraine;15118001]The rats only relate because they are nocturnal and they threw food out of their cage in the middle of the night when me and my son were already asleep.. If they weren't in there, there would've been nothing on the floor for him to pick up and eat.. QUOTE] aah! i see ETA - sorry, i guess i cant "quote" right
i guess i was the odd one out =\ i tend to think people say EBF to point out that they dont supplement w/ formula cuz some parents do supplement. nothing bad about that ... but i guess when youre talking medical-wise ... exclusively breast fed would probably mean no formula/no food. so many ways to take it!
i kinda dont understand how the rats and co-sleeping relate =\ im sorry you had such a scare ... you can think of it this way - because you were co-sleeping, you heard your son choking and were able to get the seed out of his throat. does that help? but honestly, no matter how tired i am in the morning, i HAVE to get up to watch my DS otherwise things just like this happen. even with a completely babyproofed room. what if he is crawling super fast then trips then...
i say my 10month old is EBF even though he eats a ton and has BM bottles. when talking to someone i usually say, "yeah, is he EBF and he eats a *ton* of food too. he is such a hungry bubba!"
oh my gosh, i so feel you! not every night, but definitely a few times a week i get SOOOO mad when LO wont go back to sleep. Sometimes he is not even crying/fussing, he is just laying there while i am STEAMING. lol. anyways, we use the Soothie pacifier, and i have seriously controlled my anger by having an extra paci on hand and biting it to death! my ds never even knows what im doing, and i always end up feeling relieved enough to become much calmer. i figured this...
you gave her the best gift a mama can give, good for you for doing it for so long i just stopped EPing for my 10 months old because i am pregnant too, and it was too draining ... my husband just told me something to help with the loss of no longer giving that milk - my son is healthy and strong, and thrived on the breastmilk that i fed him. now i need to feed this next baby by keeping healthy and happy while he/she is in my belly. i hope this can cheer you up a bit too
as a child care worker (and not as a parent of those babies) i have seen a pattern in our reflux babies - usually the reflux is not affected by adding solids at an early age. even the whole "cereal in the bottle" (as prescribed by their dr) didnt do much for them. of course every LO is different, but i have seen lots of reflux babies, and usually it didnt get noticably better until the LO started moving around .... but thats just my observations ...
we might have gotten lucky with this one. DS starts off in his crib (which is literally inches away from my side) and then by the time we get to bed, he joins us. so we time it - dtd kinda early, and by the time we are done (and sometimes right in the middle lol) he is up and ready to cuddle
i get insanely thirsty when i think about it. if i think, "hey, where is my glass of water?" i start getting panicky, but if i completely forget, at the end i will think, "oh, i didnt get water." weird.
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