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i love my medela pump in style advance, the backpack kind. its a double, and when you only want to pump one boob, they have a plug-y thing to cover up the part where the air comes out (horrible description sorry) the backpack is an ok size, and you can fit lots of stuff into it. eventually i didnt need to lug around so much stuff (i had breast shields and bottles at multiple locations lol) so i took out the actual pump from the backpack (its velcro-ed in) and put it...
i use my extra milk as a face wash. back when i had tons extra, i had really great skin from it lol i have also soaked my feet in my (warmed up) milk ... such a nice foot bath! i have also soaked a piece of washcloth in my milk and let that sit on a pimple or two, and it always made my face clear up ... i have washed the baby in my milk, lightly dabbed it on his butt for any rashes ... so many uses
oatmeal only slightly increased my milk. every once in a while i will CRAVE (cow) milk, and drink a whole gallon in 2 days ... im guessing its the liquid intake, not just the milk, that makes makes it happen, but my supply would signficantly be higher than when not drinking so much. also, coffee or hot chocolate at night (they calm me) would make me wake up so engorged! and yes, beer (Coronas for this girl!) def would help for one pumping session lol
i would wait it out ... youre just going to have a stinky diaper when she does poop but i have known a few parents who gave their 5-ish month old babies (i know yours is 4) some carrot baby food ... it worked for them, but that is kinda young imo
baby powder/cornstarch made my PFs suuuuuper stiff. but ive heard that it had no effect for other people =\ (and i personally believe as long as its used with caution, baby powder/cornstarch is just fine.)
i havent completely stopped pumping at work, but for me, since it has been getting more and more stressful, i am down to one pumping and i hardly get anything out of that one, so i bet i only have a week or two more to go ... but if its a nice relaxing break for you, why stop?
i just washed my sheets VERY regularly. like, every other day. it was mostly because i was leaking so much in the beginning, i would wake up in puddles! eventually i slept with a towel under me, but if youre just spilling milk, then i guess youre going to have lots of laundry
yeah and dont bother with shield wipes - waste of money IMO
i EBF, and lost all the weight, but i definitely couldnt tell in the beginning. it seems to go soooo slow, and then all of a sudden, around 5 months, i only had a few pounds to go! i *still* have an insanely huge appetite, but i think eating in the day, not night, helped me. almost ten months later, i am back to my pre-husband weight LOL
when my LO was 1-3 months he drank 2-4oz BM ... 1 and 2 ounce portions are ok to freeze in the beginning, but it sucks when your LO wants more milk, so you have to get up, go to the freezer, thaw more, put it in the bottle, etc, etc ... all the while with a crying, hungry baby i always found that 4oz was best to freeze at that age. now that my ds is 9 1/2 months, we freeze 7oz! he drinks every last drop
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