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I'm attempting to make our costumes this year (sort of). We're going to be superheroes. My son will be Superman, my hubby will be Flash and I'll be Wonder Woman. Pretty much just have to sew a cape onto my son's t-shirt, lol, but since I've never sewn before it's kind of scary. For MM I'm making whole wheat challah rolls and chummos. Plus cutting up some bell pepper and putting a few pieces in each. I'm going to attempt to make the bag that holds everything out of the...
You should check out http://mikvah.org/default.asp ... It's a directory of all the mikvahs in the world (I think... maybe just the states, but I'm pretty sure it's everywhere).
I'm orthodox and have gone to mikvahs in two different states. Never once have I been questioned. I'm quite shocked that a mikvah lady would do something like that. I've met mean mikvah ladies, but they never turned me away... made me wish I had never gone to their mikvah though. Sorry this happened to you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Comtessa A capitalist economy only values things that are directly exchangeable for currency. If your work is not paid (especially if nobody is willing to pay you to do it), then it must therefore be work of no value. If your work is of no value, then people who love you must suggest work for you to do that does have value, because they love you and want to see you fulfilled. Work-for-money is the way the economic system...
When my hubby and I got married we decided to not waste the money on a tv. We get all of the shows we like to watch online, so what was the point? We watch television shows, but I guess we're technically tv free since there's no tv in the house. Once a week I pick up my nephew from school and he's so bored until I turn the computer on for him and he watches YouTube videos.
The cord was wrapped very tightly around my son's neck. His heartbeat dropped significantly with every contraction. Once I got his head out the OB had to cut the cord because she couldn't unravel it. If the delivery had lasted much longer I truly believe I would not have my son today. He came out completely white and not breathing. Thank God, he is fine now. That being said, I would NEVER discourage someone from doing a home-birth. What happened to me was not the norm....
I'm usually with my son when I'm asked this question, so I usually just point to him and say, "that". If he's not with me I say, "I hang out with my son all day."
My mother-in-law and her friends keep telling me I should make videos for people. Each month I make a little recap video of my son's life that past month. It's sweet, but I don't see any reason why I should make a business out of it. I want to spend time with my son, not making videos for random people. Plus, I would NEVER pay for someone to make a video for me, why should I assume people would even be interested in this?
I turned my son forward the day after his 1st birthday. I wanted to keep him rear facing for much longer, but he was so uncomfortable. The law here is up till 20lbs and 1 year that have to be rear facing. Well, Asher's been at least 20lbs since he was about 6 months old and he's tall for his age too. He was all scrunched up in his seat. Now that he's turned around he's much more comfortable (and loves that he can actually see what's going on!).
Wow, that is me.
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