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Update: Lathan ended up being admitted due to severe dehydration. He seems to be doing better now, except he is missing his mommy badly :( and i miss him :(  I only get 2-2hour visits everyday, so it's been a tough day. He may be given solids tomorrow, and hopefully he can hold that down. If he does he will be coming home Thursday hopefully.
Thank you so much for your reply I definitely makes me feel better. No wonder he prefers the milk to the pedialyte. He knows what he needs i guess :)   I'm going to continue doing what he's doing, and see how it goes...hopefully this will pass quickly!
Hello,  my 23 month old son is sick with a stomach infection/flu (not sure if viral/bacterial). I've tried giving him Pedialyte, and a homemade "Pedialyte". He drinks the homemade stuff sometimes, and even then only a few sips. All he really wants is to nurse. I nurse on demand anyways, so it's no big deal...but do you think this is enough? I had bought some disposable diapers since he has diarreah (sp), and i can't tell how often he is peeing. My question is: Do...
I'm for it only because this will be my first unassisted birth. I want to know where my placenta lies, multiples, etc. It's not really an arguement fot u/s, just a reason why I chose to have mine done. Well, that plus i'm getting prenatal care and it's routine lol Where i live (caribbean) I only get 1 scan at 19-21 weeks, so it's not frequent at all.There is so much debate between the safeness of ultrasounds. I rather not take the chance and have so many. I'll see my...
Hi, I'm new to the world of UC. I'm due july 8th, with my 3rd child. I've looked into homebirthing with a midwife, but finding one to assist in the Bahamas is turning out to be harder than i thought! If i can't find one by the end of January, i will start preparing for a UC.    Both my sons were born in the hospital, and while they were not traumatizing experiences, they are not the experiences i wanted, or want.   One of the main ones: No kids allowed under 15...
A ped. also told me this. My son didn't lose any weight in the hospital, and she told me i was feeding him too much (on demand). I refused to feed him every 3 hours if he is hungry sooner. I kept it my way, and he is now 20 pounds at 3 moths lol ( he was 6 lds 7 oz when born)
I want to know this also! We also share a family bed, and i'mtoo afraid of letting my 3 year old sleep with my 3 month old by themselves. Right now it is dh and ds1 at the top of the bed and ds2 and i at the bottom. It works ok for now, but ds1 always finds his way to get his feet on top of ds2. I'm scared if i leave them alone ds2 will end up on the floor!
I breastfed in my strapless wedding gown! I just went into an empty room at the reception and popped a breast out over the top. The undressing can alo work! It's definitly possible.
Good for them! I visit Canada Alot and most of the women i see use a light blanket or cover to nurse. I also used a blanket while there. Shoot, i saw more women, not nursing, exposing more! I'm usualy very quiet and laid back...but let someone tell me i can't nurse.....i will cause a scene quick LOL I'm just waiting for that day!!!
*Raises hand* I do...and i was never like this with my first pregnancy! In my case it's not a fear of dying, but of my son not having a mom...and my son being a huge mama's boy does not help. I even get hot flashes thinking of it sometimes! Then hearing stories of births gone wrong makes it worse, but i still read them!! It's like i'm convinced i'm either going to bleed to death or my heart is just going to stop. It's crazy. I just pray and try not to think anything...
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