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Garlic muellin oil, Chiropractic adjustments and immune system boosters! We have also battled these same beasts. We are finally winning!! Yippeee!
I used to have migraines that would last for days and require days of recovery. I consulted a chiropractor, and found that I have NO curvature in my neck. That was what was part of the problem. Stress was the other! I am in the middle of treatment that involves several adjustments and traction. I can't tell you how long its been since I've had a migrane! I might get a headache, but its nothing that a natural supplement can't handle!
Essential oils are great for this. I have a diffuser that I use for vanillia, cedar, patchouli, myhrr. Mix your own to see what you like. Bake cookies, leave them to cool while you go shopping, then come home to a wonderful smelling home. I had to stop doing this because it was bad for my waistline and my bank account! Now I just use the oils!
Oxiclean is the only thing that even budged it. And that was with HOURS of elbow grease! I'm going to try www.gaiam.com . They usually have great cleaning products for those tough jobs. Wait a minute, i just realized that my new oven is self cleaning. Yippeee! I've never had this before! Hopefully it works!
I love brown rice. It's full of the good stuff and protien. Today I made brown rice(I always make a bunch to keep iin the icebox for quick meals). Then I sauteed broccoli, green onion, silced carrots, sliced mushrooms, minced garlic and a TINY bit of minced fresh ginger. Splash some tamari or soy sauce, and you've got a healthy and yummy lunch or dinner. All of my ingredients are organic also.
I stumbled across this book "Compassionate Souls" by JoAnne Farb. It talks about her choices she made for becoming a more compassionate individual and how she is passing on these beliefs to her children. She is a strong believer in Homeschooling, Breastfeeding,Natural Childbirth, Homebirth, and Veganism. This is a must read for anyone with children!
Finally someone who knows this story other than me!!!! I saw this in movie form on TNT. I was so captivated by it's beauty and reverence for the Goddess. I had no idea that it was a book until afterwards, and cannot wait to get a copy!! There are more in this series!! I must be dreaming! Did anyone else see the movie? I happened to love Julianna Margeulies as Morgane. She was sooooooo beautiful!
Like LaLa already said, Sented sachets! Among others! I went to the "remnant bin" of our local fabric store and got scrap fabric for CHEAP. We're talkin' $.50! Then I found some dried lavander(you could use other herbs) to stuff them with. If you have a sewing machine, sew them or they can be sewed by hand. I've always wanted a hankerchief with my initials. i'm knida sentamental like that. Baked goods are always a hit! Homemade recipie book! What an...
You said it Briar!!
Love it!! I don't know what I would have done without it. I'm seriously considering taking the training to become a Directress. DD LOVES school, and is sad when she can't go to school.(weekends, holidays) Well see how she does when I tell her that there isn't any school for 5 days!(Turkey day) Honestly, I wouldn't put my children in any other form of schooling. But I might be a bit biased !
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