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We just moved to north Davis county and are looking for a pediatrician who won't give us grief for selectively vaccinating and who knows to leave uncircumsized penises alone!  Any recommendations or warnings for who to go to or who to stay away from? Thanks!
Spoken for!
These are both in excellent condition.  No stains.  Only used the large one for a couple of weeks before my baby outgrew it.  I used these as my night time diapering system with a Disana wool cover and loved it!  I feel like the large pocket diaper should be labeled small or medium as my baby out grew it around 6 months old.  The one size could be used from birth to a year or 18 months.  
The tag says the size is for a 2-3 year old, but I shrunk it down a bit.  Depending on the size of diaper you pull it over it could work for any size baby between 4 to 18 months.  I used it over a Happy Heiny pocket diaper for night time only.  No stains- it was never pooped in.  Only used for a few months, some pilling, but otherwise fabulous condition.
I replaced the velcro with snaps so my little one couldn't take them off whenever he wanted. Small cover is in excellent condition, no stains, only worn for about a month before we moved up a size. Medium cover is in good condition. No stains at all on the inside, only a few lanolin spots on the outside.
1 dozen medium Green Mountain Diaper prefolds (red edge) in good condition.  
I have 2 dozen small prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers (yellow edge) that are only lightly used (I tend to have big babies so they are only used for a month or two).  I will throw in 3 snappis (2 yellow, 1 white) and a small Thirsties cover in light yellow.
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