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Our doula is charging us $650. She's pretty experienced (30-40 births) and certified. We also spoke with a yet-to-be certified inexperienced doula (4 births) that wanted to charge us $500. Prices can vary greatly based on location, experience / certification level of the doula, and services that are offered. It can be anywhere from FREE (for a doula just starting out) up to $1000 -- at least in our area.
Quote: Originally Posted by larzanna Why isn't it illegal??? So many other things about the body are....you can't sell it (sex or organs) you can't put certain things into it (drugs) and you can't cut little girls.....why oh why do people do this to their perfect little boys???? It made/makes me so so sad. Do you think this will ever be illegal here?(USA) Or at least illegal to do it to infants? What's ironic is that removed foreskins ARE...
Quote: No Massachusetts lawmakers have signed on to support the measure. That's not very promising.
My wife and I went on a tour of our hospital maternity area last night. Our guide told us the rate of epidurals at the hospital was over 90%! This floored me. 9 out of 10 women seems shockingly high. What are the numbers like in your area?
Excellent post Megboz! Thank you.
It seems like most pregnancy books will tell women to rush to the hospital immediately after their water breaks because of an increased risk of infection (even if they're not in labor). I've also heard the other side of the argument that says there's no hurry, and if you end up rushing to the hospital it's more likely they will put you on the intervention path. Being more of a "naturalist" at heart, I would be one to lean more towards letting nature take its course and...
I'm a 32 year old boy. I've never had any problems.
Quote: Originally Posted by To-Fu I think this observation is pretty spot-on. I second that.
Quote: Originally Posted by ~NewMa~ There seem to be many more possible complications and inconveniences of an intact penis than a circumsised one. Honestly, I don't see it that way. I see lots of threads here asking about how to deal with problems/infections of intact boys, but I attribute it to MDC being a great place to get info on caring for intact boys, not because leaving boys intact creates more problems that circumcision would...
Quote: Originally Posted by triony Hopefully the OB didn't actually say "back to the mother" since you are right it is a closed system. Baby and mom do not share blood. Blood could flow back to the placenta I suppose, barring any naturally occurring methods that I assume nature put in place to avoid exactly that. I think most doctors these days deal with people that don't do what you are doing: going out and research the Dr's responses afterwards. ...
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