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Our son is a Green Baby since the day he was born.  He was on Cloth Diapers, Breastfed only, once he started to walk, we teach him to recyle.  He is 3 years old now, he always recylces, even though sometimes he put trashes in the recyle bin.  But I think it is a GOOD START!  And we eat mostly organics and whole foods.  He loves natures and enjoy playing outdoor. I am very into "Green Living", so I try very hard to pass this to him! 
We tried two more things, I put him on my lap when I am sitting on the toilet, and I sit really back on the toilet and open my leg wide enough, so he can sit in front of me, and he will do his business.   The other thing I tried, I put his little potty next to the toilet, and we do our business at the same time.  He seems really like it when we do it together.
Sprout TV - the wiggles   PBS - behind the lions   DVD - Signing time
My 18-months son is less than 21lbs, he is picky eater, so nursing is a MUST.  Everyone comments how small he is, but I was underweight even though I ate like a cow when I was young, I think he just got my genes, so I don't have problem with him underweight, as soon as he is happy and active, and he seldom gets sick.  I don't see the weight should be an issue.   
my 18-month son loves "the wiggles", "between the lions" and "signing time'.  He asks for them every day.
My 18-month old son had the same problem, he is almost potty trained, but sometimes he will fight to sit on the potty.  If he escaped suceessfully, he will pee on the floor immediately.  Esp recently, he is getting worse.  I do learn a new trick, he loves "toy story 3", I got him a set of toddler briefs, he loves to look at the briefs and package.  So each time he starts to fight, I will say that "Do you want to see the dinosaur (his favorite character)?", he will stop...
you can try Etsy, i saw some sellers sell the pull up trainer as less as $8.50 each.  Personally, I have no ideas about how their quality for that price, coz I sew my own trainer.
You just make sure that it is 100% wool. Not Cotton or acrylic, they don't work. You can go to Michaels or AC Moore, they have 100% wool for really cheap, esp you have coupon, I have tried Patons, Lion Brand and Stitch Nation. They are around $6 per skein, I can make one soaker from one skein. (for S/M)
Thanks, I hope the bookstores near me have the book, so I can read it before I buy it.
hi there, thanks for the reply. So how do you like the book? Waiyi
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