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We have coslept with our adopted bottle-fed preemie since about 2 weeks after we brought him home from the hospital (he is now 13 months).  We did it safely, (no heavy blankets, minimal pillows etc etc )we always wake up and sit up to feed him.  Myself an DH always felt very in tune with our son and generally wake up just before he does to eat.  Now at 13 months, he sleeps practically glued to my side.....which is sweet-for about an hour
Just a note on the rental seat.  We rented a car and got a seat with it (due to a mistake on my husbands part....but that is a different story).  ANyways, it cost around $15 a day for the seat (which after 5 days, we could have just bought a new carseat).  ALso, it was a crappy seat, difficult to get our son in and out of, and really a PITA.  I will never rent a carseat again.
Try www.diaperswappers.com , you can get really good deals from other parents on used baby carriers. (and other baby items).  I spent some time on it and got a barely used organic ergo for $60.
So I broke down and bought some sposies for him, (he has never been in them and I was trying to avoid it),  Gave him a baking soda bath, slathered on the cream, put on the sposie, changed it once in the middle of the night-more cream,  and was ready to call the DR in the am. But, this morning it looked sooo much better.  Im gonna keep the disposables on until it is healed. Thanks for all the advice.
Oh no-he eats LOTS of blueberries.  OK-I am going to try to take a picture and figure out how to post it....I hate going to the Dr. Maybe I can get some suggestions on whether it is Dr necessary.....  It does seem to be clearing up some. Thing is, at 1 year, he has never had a diaper rash that lasted more than a day, and those were so mild.... He also has a cold....related?
AARRGH!  DS (12 mo) has the worst diaper rash he has ever had.  It is forming large blisters, and is really painful (I assume).   I think it is from a few long car rides over the holidays, sitting in a BG.   He is in cloth, normally prefolds.  We use BG for travel.     But, he is also just starting to eat solids-could it be something he ate? We have been treating it over the past couple of days with Lansinoh cream, butt paste and some bare-butt time. Any other...
Does anyone know of a good chiropractor in Loudoun (preferably) or Fairfax county.  I would like to take my 12 mo.
I have read a few of your posts before, and you and I must have the same baby  (his bday is 12/07/09).  Every time I read your posts, I think...yep-thats mine too. I agree, mine sleeps from 7-6:30/7 (but it is in chunks,as he still wakes up several times to eat), and sleeps 2 45 minute naps a day.   And yes, he is tired a lot!  Yesterday we were driving home from somewhere and he napped the entire 2 hr+  ride.  I feel like this is telling me that he needs longer naps...
Yep, just looked into it-you shouldnt give painkillers because it interferes with the vaccine and makes it less effective.  We were told not to give Tylenol as a preventative, but from what I read, you should hold off if you can.   The funny thing is, I always believe in letting a fever run its course to help fight an infection (unless I am feeling really rough),  SO, I am reading "why we get sick" and in the beginning it says this exact thing. So I say to DH "But, it...
We are delaying vacc's for our 1 yr old.  At his appt yesterday he got prevnar and HIb (2nd I think...) I keep hearing about the babies who are tired and grumpy after the vaccines.  We were ready for a tired grumpy night.....Instead-he was up from 1am-4am.....He woke up at 1 with a fever, so I gave some tylenol.  Then he felt like he was getting hotter.  I didn't have motrin at all, since I generally give limited meds.  So around 2:30 I go to take his temp again and the...
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