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Thanks everyone-glad to know I am not being overly worried.  Yeah, he cant talk to tell me how he is feeling, and if I hadnt taken him in, I would have been up all night worrying..
As pp said, make sure you are moving as you put him in and get him settled.   Also, the cradle hold is safe in the moby.  (probably in the ring sling too, but I just prefer the moby so I know more about it)
DS is 12 months and at that stage of pulling up and standing.....all the time.  So, last night, he was standing on the floor and holding a chair.  The whole chair tipped over and he fell over backwards onto the wood floor. I didn't see it happen, just heard the thud and the screaming.  I picked him up and he cried for a few minutes, then started to cuddle and fall asleep in my arms.  This is not normal behavior for him, he was acting sleepy and closing his eyes, and...
We just took our 12 mo to the eye dr. (he has been going since he was born because he was a preemie). Some of my family members thought he was looking crosseyed. The Dr said that because of the flat bridge of a babies nose, some look crosseyed, even when they are not.  The thing to look for is where the light reflects in his eyes.  It should be the same in both eyes.  Also, some babies will look crosseyed when they are tired,because their eyes are tired and that is ok...
I wish someone had given me the advice on good bacteria 10 months ago!  Maybe time to switch peds.......After reading your post I decided to start him on probiotics.  Hope it works, we have had a couple of bad gas nights in a row.  (After a long period of good nights...sigh)
The one mug I have that I really like is a "corn mug".  They are made from corn, so eventually biodegradable.  They can go in teh microwave and in the dishwasher.  Mine is small, so it would be good for a kid.  It also doesnt get hot on the outside.
Yup-mine does the same thing.  laughs and giggles and arches and seems to be throwing himself out of it .  I had my husband watch him while he was on my back and he assured me that he was secure and not going anywhere (and he is a VERY cautious father).  I have found that if I bounce and hop, he likes that.  Also, if he is on my front, I let him use my hands to stand and bounce on and that stops the back arching and makes me feel more secure..
I have never found a ring sling comfortable...but I use the hip hold on the ergo with my son who is at least 18 lbs and I find it really comfortable.  I am tall with a small frame.
My preemie was on Neosure and had gas issues too.  I think it is a combo of an underdeveloped gastro system and the high calorie formula.  We got to the point that we put gripe water in most of his bottles. We also did stomach massage and bicycle legs alot.  A really big help for us was to wear him in the moby, the upright way, his belly to my belly with his legs pulled inside.  (the newborn hug hold-like this)...
Yep-if they can fall asleep without it, they are less likely to need it or be confused whenthey wake up without it.
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