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Part of the problem is that he doesnt look for them, even if he is awake during the day, he picks them up and chews on them, but doesnt take them and suck on them to soothe. I have to put it in his mouth. He is physically able to, just doesnt. (although this morning, he found one and put it in his mouth, so maybe he is learning). So, when he fusses in the middle of the night, he is not even looking for the paci, I have to do the work. So, as I think more about this,...
Sounds just like my baby. He does the exact same thing, unless he's tired, then he sometimes likes it. He does like the back carrysometimes. Then, I discovered you can do a hip hold with the ergo and I tried that, and it went pretty well.
My DS (10 months) generally sleeps from 7pm-6am, waking up once or twice to eat (except during teething, colds, overwhelming days etc). The problem is, every 2-3 hours he wakes up and fusses until I put his pacifier back in his mouth, and he goes back to sleep. The thing is, it is really easy-he is in bed with us or in the sidecar crib, so we just reach over and do it. But, I know it is wearing on us to not have the longer stretches of sleep, one of us is waking up...
During his last cold, I took ds (10 mo) into the shower with me. He loved it and it really cleared him up, so he could sleep. I know when I am sick, a shower feels good. The steam really clears you up and the heat feels good. On a side note: since then he has stopped taking baths and exclusively takes showers....more because baths are a huge challenge since he loves the water so much, he tries to 'swim' and play and jump around. But, he will sit in the tub while I...
They make my lo cranky. I know it sounds weird, but every time I put it on him, he seems to get clingy and grumpy.....anyone else have this problem. We have stopped using it.
Enjoy it while you can. Mine was like this for the first few months. I kept looking in different books to see if he was sleeping too much.....Since about 6 months, he is not a sleeper. Most naps are 45 minutes....he sometimes power naps for 15 minutes, then is up and ready to go. I miss those cuddles (but love these days too)
Quote: Originally Posted by SilverFish oh, i also wanted to add... if i knew you in real life, i would absolutely support you 100% in any route you decided to take to add children to your life. i don't think that deciding to have a biological child even with a high chance of prematurity makes you a bad person. I agree!
My baby was up at 5 am (sometimes earlier) for a couple of months before I finally figured out a solution. He did the same thing. Up at 5 am then down for a nap in an hour or so. He was younger at the time, but this is what worked for me. He got up at 5, and I made him stay awake for at least 2 hours. It was tough the first morning, and the second, but by the 3rd or 4th day, he was sleeping in. It was great! He now gets up between 6:30 and 7:30, which I can handle.
Hmmm, interesting discussion, and one I have been thinking about too. We adopted our 29 weeker when he was 4 weeks old. Now, at 10 months, he is in great health, and showing no signs of developmental delays. Also, since we adopted, we missed the whole 1st few weeks of tube feeding, spending all our time in the NICU etc. But, we also had the choice....we were contacted right after he was born, asking if we wanted to be considered for the adoption. It took some soul...
I second the moby. My son was 5 lbs when we brought him home and he just about lived in it for the first few months of life. He liked the cradle hold and the hug hold. Plus it keeps strangers from touching him
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