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I also have a shark vac n steam.  Uses only water.  The mop heads are machine washable and last forever! Very light and easy to manuever!  My floors look great! The vacuum feature does better then sweeping, just love it!
Well, I am 50, and I am going through Menopause, my periods are at about every 4 months or so. Hot flashes, mood swings, nausea, dry skin, decreased libido, aches and pains, a 5 lb. weight gain (yes I weigh 110 now), but it shows, oh night sweats, insomnia, decreased appetite, heightened sense of smell, and the list goes on. Thankfully I have no children at home, and my husband understands completely!  I have chosen not to take HRT, and do it naturally. I did not take...
Well I am 50, have 2 sons 34 and 31 and 4 grandkids, 11, 8, 3, and 5 months!
Talking Tom is fun.  He is a virtual cat, that repeats what you say, etc. and you can pet him and he purrs.  Too cute!
So how long is an x partner supposed to go without a new partner?  Until the child is 18? How can someone put a limit on what the x is doing! 
Ok, this is a grandmother asking here.  What is wrong with plastic toys?  What did you play with as children?  I played with Barbie dolls, and Tonka trucks, etc. in the 60's  My sons played with Gi Joe's, Thundercats, He-Man, hot wheels, and Mattell  cars, and race tracks,  and they had the first Atari games in the 80's, oh they also had big wheels, and spirographs, slinkies, legos, and hula hoops, all plastic, and you know what?  They had a blast!  Were they made in...
Did anyone notice in Skreaders pic #2, that the man is wearing a helmet, but the little boy, and the 2 women are not?  What is wrong with this pic? 
Sounds like a growth spurt!
I am sorry you may have been conned. First clue, he said his car broke down, and he left his wallet in the car, and then he had to walk home. It might sound cruel, but I would have told him to go get his wallet, surely there must be money in there, etc. and then I would have said not my problem, I don't keep cash on hand. If he was healthy enough, to walk home, he is healthy enough to walk back and get his wallet!
I have lived in Texas since 1978 and in apartments the whole time. I will tell you what you can exterminate all you want, but they will keep coming back unless you do what we do. You have to seal the point of entry, every crack, etc. We use caulk or the foam stuff that comes in a can. I learned long ago not to depend on apt. management or land lords, if it is stuff I can fix myself. Besides I never allow any chemical spray extermination in my townhouse at all! I use...
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