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I don't know what to do abouty poor little guys belly. He's clearly in pain all night and I can't tell if its just gas or also reflux. Symptoms are so crossed on these two. Ped says time will tell. Gee thanks. I hate to see him so uncomfortable. We didn't sleep at all last night. I have done side lying, propped him up, mylicon. Has any one tried probiotics? My ped suggested BioGaia (spelling?) so I will look for that. How about gripe water? Can you tell I getting desperate?
I had a csection so clearly a different situation but even given the surgery and stitches, at my 2 week follow up, my OB cleared me to walk up to a mile a day now and can build up to 3 or 4 miles over the next month. I can begin full exercise and running at 6 weeks. No lifting more than the baby in a car seat right now- but again, I have a major incision. I do lots of house work now and keep an eye on bleeding as a gauge as well.
Our "hour" is 1 am until 4 or 5 am! It's rough and you are definitely not alone! We should log on and chat!
Oh my is this baby kicking my butt! Does anyone have experience with this? He seems uncomfortable all night but yet does well pretty much all day. He grunts and strains from about 9 pm until 5 am and is visibly uncomfortable. He is super gassy and gurgly yet not much at all during the day. Our nights consist of him wanting to nurse every 2 hours for about 15 minutes then me taking about another 45 to settle him. I can eventually swaddle him and lay him down but it's about...
Ugh we are having major issues that just started 2 days ago and I can't figure it out at all! I feel your pain. It's 3 am and DS has slept maybe an hour. He grunts clearly in pain and he is beyond gassy. He also wants to eat every hour. I wonder what changed? We were pretty typical until now- 2 hour stretches, eat, back to sleep. I barely got the hang of nursing and now something is definitely wrong. His latch is getting shallow, he pulls back- I have symptoms of both over...
LibraryMo- so sorry to hear about your DH's friend- healing thoughts to him! Maman- you can gently massage the inner corner of the eye every day. It can clear a clogged tear duct if that is the cause. My first DS had issues with that
I was just about to complain about my visitor and then saw your post, AnyaRose. Whoa! Talk about inconvience- who tells a host about their international travel plans at the 11th hour? Just insane! AFM- my sister arrived today and she is really a helpful person. Except she is here with her out of control 3 year old who screams, runs around, and just tears things apart. I am locked in the baby's room to nurse and the kids keep trying to get in. I am going to lose it. I...
Alli- you have so very much going on! I am a vegetarian and had to go dairy and soy free with DS1. It's exhausting to try to feed yourself- I know exactly what you mean. Its easy to think that it's you who is doing (or not doing) something and to blame yourself but try to remember that there are so many things that we may not be able to control. You are already doing so much to figure out what will work for your DD. Can you enlist the help of friends/family to prepare...
Yay for Sept 17th babies! Congrats!
Mole- my heart goes out to you. You and baby have been through so much! I will be thinking of your sweet boy and that all signs continue to be so positive.
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