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Thanks for all of the kind words. We have definitely tried a number of these things, but I just ordered black out curtains and started playing lullabies in his room again. I guess you have to keep trying and trying for improvement. Last night, he woke 6 or 7 times and usually only slept for 45 minutes at a time. I get so disappointed in myself when I get angry during the night, but I suppose this happens some times and I have to move on. It's funny - I often try...
Thank you. I need any light at all - I am fully entrenched in the "no cry without parent holding" method (not by choice of course!) and it is so hard. And I am so tired. Congrats on progress. You must be so relieved.
I have been reading posts here for a few weeks now. It is all that keeps me going sometimes. A bit about me: I am a married mom of a 16 month old boy who literally has never slept much at all and it keeps getting worse and worse. We are no longer nursing and we don't co-sleep so I hope you can accept me here - I embrace all ways of parenting except CIO, which is why I am here. My DS gets up about 4 times per night and at each waking, cries for an hour or more as I...
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