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YAY Mamalove!  That is an amazing twin birth!  
Congrats Alli and welcome to Annabelle!  I hope that you are up and about in no time! 
Me too, Ava's Mama!  I keep checking this board obsessively.  It's so fun to see all of the babies arriving!  It's funny - I am very emotional today too.  I got upset dropping DS off at preschool but I got an overwhelming feeling that I just wanted to hold him and not let go.  I am tearing up even typing it.  I feel like during our move, I had little time for him and I know that a big change to our family dynamic is coming.  I am struggling with that and worrying about...
WCM- it seems like Nova Trinity is really sticking for you! Sleep- I get none. Since we moved last week, DS has been having an even harder time than usual so he wakes me over and over PLUS I roll over every 10 seconds and get up to pee about a million more. DS has taught me how to get by with no sleep but I am dreading the thought of two beings waking me over and over... We are pretty settled in the new place. There were many bumps in the road- some unresolved- but I am...
You are amazing! Congrats and welcome to Dexter!
I didn't pack a bag with my first because he came early so you'd think I'd have one packed now...but I don't!  I have finally settled on a repeat c-section so I know I will be in the hospital for at least 3 days...starting on Monday if I make it to the date.    I really don't plan on bringing much: - Shorts and 2 nursing tank tops for me; flip flops for walking the halls  - Yoga pants or similar to wear home - Underwear for me  - Outfit for baby to wear home...
Welcome Hank! Motomom- I hope you are resting and can recover quickly!
Congratulations Miranda! Welcome Baby James!!
 My DS STILL doesn't sleep through the night - and he turns 4 this month.  I don't tell anyone IRL!!  I stopped about 2 years ago because I didn't want to hear another piece of "helpful" advice.  
I also work in an office and work right up to the day.  With DS, my water broke at my desk....pretty crazy day!  I am saving as much time as I can for leave plus I sit at a desk all day so I figure I probably get more rest here than if I was at home.  I am having a repeat c-section and I know the date...of course if I make it that far.  I feel like I need every day that is left just to feel good about where I am leaving work things and all that I have to do at home!  
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