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My first was a crazy mover too, and arrived the day after his due date. #2 was laid back and came 8 days early haha  
So, I was the second commenter on this thread and at the time had 2. Well, they're both still there and I'm due with baby #3 in July so at this rate it's looking like it'll be 3 haha
I pay $9.99 for a HALF gallon:) Its mostly only DS2 drinking it and a 1/2 gal can last a week so its not the end of the world but still...  
Hi! Well, ours didn't end up being a happy ending after all. He never went back to nursing. We had appointments with his pediatrician, midwife, chiropractor, 2 IBCLC's.... never figured it out. I ended up pumping exclusively. Have you tried nursing him in his sleep or in the bathtub with the lights dim? Lots have people seem to have luck with that. Sorry you're going through this, I know how stressful and sad it is:*(
Here and diaperswappers :)
Sorry no one has responded yet. Its a hard question to answer without knowing your whole financial picture. If you're doing alright otherwise (have savings, not accumulating additional debt), I'd hang on to it. Eventually the market will go up, rental prices will rise, and it'll be a nice investment for you. You don't want a SS/foreclosure on your credit report if you can help it. Then again, if it's causing you constant stress and you're already over extended, I'd...
EDD: July 21st based on LMP. Stephbrownthinks (Steph) Hoping another boy! 3rd baby. DS1 is 2.5, DS2 is 11 months. All till be 19 months apart, aye yai yai:)
No advice, but I hope someone else has some:)
If you've been calling her Lillia Fae and loving it, can you just add a second middle name that your husband likes?
Are you weighing him before and after feeds with a special scale? How do you know how much he is taking? Are you pumping after feeds?
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