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I would definitely want to get to the bottom of the situation and would be concerned as well. HOWEVER, when I was 3 I was in Kmart with my mom and kept asking her for something and she kept telling me "no" and I apparently flung myself on the floor and started SCREAMING "please mommy, don't hit me with a belt." No idea where that one came from, sometimes kids just do or say weird things.
Yup, mine hurts mostly on my right side towards the bottom.
Maybe costochondritis? Try googling it. Its basically an inflammation of the rib tissue. I've had it badly with both pregnancies... to the point where I'll wake up screaming if I move wrong in my sleep. I think I get it because I'm small with a short torso so my ribs really have to expand to be able to grow a baby:) Unfortunately there isn't really anything you can do to cure it. Chiropractic adjustments to expand the ribcage help a little. This time my midwife told me...
we use straw cups for smoothies. I think they're the take 'n toss brand you can get at Walmart or Target, its 5 cups/lids/straws for $2.99. I like those the best because there isn't a valve in the straw but they are harder than normal straws so they last awhile, plus they are pretty spill proof.
We do pretty much the same as the above poster. For breakfast I usually make DS a smoothie that has greek yogurt, almond butter, flax seeds, frozen blueberries or other berries, 1/2 apple, carrot, spinach, and some almond milk if it needs to be thinned down. Lots of vitamins, minerals, protein, and good fats! Sometime we just do the smoothie, or we'll also do 1/2 a piece of Ezekiel bread or brown rice bread with coconut oil and almond butter, some scrambled eggs and...
Oh man, I would if I could:) My husband has been working out of town a lot so the litter duty is up to me. They are indoor only so I'm not worried about the toxoplasmosis plus I always wash my hands immediately afterwards.   When I was pregnant with DS I told my husband that I couldn't pick up the dog poop because it made me nauseous, so he took over that chore. We have 3 large breed dogs so its a pain in the butt picking up after them. He kind of just got used to doing...
Just remembered another one: I clean my cat box.
Oh man. I drink a cup or 2 of coffee on morning when I work early (M-wed usually), have a light beer every few days, eat sushi, lunch meats, and soft cheeses if I feel like it. Lift too much weight, shower and bathe in too hot of water, and probably a few more things I'm forgetting. This pregnancy I haven't been craving desserts so I have been eating pretty healthy and lots of whole foods... hopefully that buys me a few points?
My husband made one for DS for his 1st b-day. He got the plans from the Ana White website. I think she calls it a Helping Tower? We love it! DS loves "helping" in the kitchen, or if I need a few minutes to vacuum or do something without his 'help' I'll park him in front of the washer/dryer and let him play with the buttons or flip a light switch on and off:) Here he is grinding coffee this last weekend
In some states this would be illegal. I live in CA and the law is "A person responsible for a child age 6 or under may not leave the child inside a vehicle without a person who is at least 12 years of age if there are conditions that present a significant risk to child's health or safety or engine is running and/or keys are in the ignition." http://www.chp.ca.gov/community/pdf/ca_vr_laws.pdf   Edited to add: If my kid would actually sleep in the car (which he won't),...
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