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So far I haven't bought anything. My DS is only 14 months so we pretty much just did the whole baby shopping thing. If this baby is another boy (we find out tomorrow!) we have everything we need. If its a girl then we'll get some girly clothes:) My DS was born in May and this baby will be a winter baby so we'll need more long sleeved and footed sleepers, but other than that we don't "need" anything. I think by this time with DS I already had almost everything plus a...
I am very curious what "research" has proven aspartame "safe" as well. The FDA lists 92 side effects and the majority of the food complaints they investigate per year are related to Aspartame.  
  I think this is GREAT advice! I wouldn't take it personally. For our DS's first b-day I wanted to keep it small too. And we weren't even having it at a restaurant! There were some family members we didn't invite. It was nothing personal, I just didn't want to feel overwhelmed trying to entertain everyone and wanted to keep it small enough I could focus on my DS. If you follow childsplay's advice about mentioning you'd like to drop a gift off maybe they'll invite you,...
Thank you! They are having a service in a few weeks. Do you think a charm bracelet with the baby's name, DOB, and weight would be a nice keepsake, or a painful reminder?  
I'm just devastated for their loss. It was their first baby and they were SOO excited and couldn't wait to meet the baby. We've known each other literally our whole lives but aren't super close. Is there anything I can do? I told her to let me know if she or her family needs anything, and she told me she appreciated it but I'd really like to DO or send something. Any ideas?
This is the one I got: http://www.amazon.com/Gabrialla-Breathable-Elastic-Abdominal-Binder/dp/B000WFT3II/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1310665638&sr=8-1   Honestly, it was aweful. I got it because I didn't want to spend a bunch. It was impossible to velcro it in a way where the corner of the velcro didn't rub on me and cause red marks. It was very irritating. This time I'll just wrap tightly with something soft (like a piece of a sheet), or invest in a more expensive binder.  
Oh man, I had forgotten so many of these things! And my DS is only 14 months old! The sweating... ugh. I also remember literally feeling like my insides were going to fall out post partum. I'd hold my stomach when I was walking around. Binding really helped. Did anyone mention blood clots? I remember peeing a few hours after the birth and a clot the size of a tennis ball came out.
I'd call around to a few other midwives to see what they charge, but I would think that could be normal. Everything's more expensive in LA right? :) Are the appointments done in your home or do you have to travel to her office? I live in San Luis Obispo county (a few hours North) and the going rate is like $4300, and all of the appointments are done at the office, then the birth and postpartum apt at the clients house. Then again, there are only 3 midwives that will do...
EDD: Dec 22nd Age at conception/delivery: 26/27 What "number" child this is for you: #2 how long it took you to conceive: first try birth plans: another homebirth w/ a midwife!
I barely even noticed the heart rate monitoring. I only remember the midwife checking it once, I was in the tub and pushing and I think she had headphones? I didn't find it invasive at all. I didn't have to get into a certain position or do anything "special" and it only lasted for maybe a minute.
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