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My kids would LOVE this!
Subscribed and liked! My son could get so much use out of this. He's a little behind his peers and this could help him with his physical therapy, to get moving! :)
Thank you! The original photo is grainy. So when you see it small and with an effect, it looks much better! I just keep snapping away. Sometimes it's easier to use my point-and-shoot rather than the DSLR. They're adorable together, though. They love each other. My daughter is very maternal with it, it's so cute!  
DD, child #1: 10 days late DS, child #2: 1 day late
I can't say I'm personally "offended" but both "that's so gay" and the r-word make me shudder when I hear them used. Seriously, can you think of no other way to get your point across?
I haven't been on here in forever. Not for lack of wanting to. How is everyone and their kiddies? What are they doing? Are you getting any sleep now that they're all teething?
Nyack is nice and pretty "crunchy". You could take a quick bus over the Tappan Zee and grab the train in Tarrytown. Totally not a pretentious town at all!
Behind the hamper.
I'm usually on the selling end and usually have people come to me. Once, I've met someone out. And once a seller came to me. I think she did that because she just wanted to unload the item and we had a hard time coordinating.
Larry keeps fluffy orangutans properly. HKEON
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