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I do not subscribe to the belief that adopted families are a last resort and that preserving blood bonds should be the first priority. I do not believe that we are second-best families.  I do not agree that biology should trump other interests. Sharing a blood relationship with someone is not a good reason to be forced to live with that person, particularly when it means living in a less desirable situation or being separated from people with whom you've already grown...
I have asked. I will continue to ask. I'd rather know for sure than assume or guess. I don't think it's regional, most people just don't ask. But the mothering community leans towards many unconventional/unpopular things.
Hmm I agree with a lot of these. Let me try to make my list: Communication Hygiene Money management & basic math Emotional control Water safety, fire safety, first aid (swimming) Cooking/ food prep & grocery shopping Cleaning & laundry, including ironing and minor mending Simple home and car maintenance (or when to call an expert) Map reading/ compass use/ gps use How to use public transportation How to safely ask for and get help in a variety of situations how to type &...
Hmm interesting. We considered IVF but decided adoption was a better route: less risk of creating problems/challenges, higher chance of solving problems. I'm already convinced there's no link between vaccines and autism. So this study doesn't do anything for me in that way.
Pretty you want this thread in "I'm not vaccinating" rather than the debate section.
Omg, I said "As a feminist who shares childcare with my spouse I know formula was the best option for us." FOR US I did NOT say 'feminists should use formula.'
I can't speak from experience (I have one son; he was adopted). But... I think maybe you're asking the wrong question. Might be worthwhile to ask youself:   -If you adopt (or birth) a child that you don't feel an immediate bond with, do you think you can still give the child as much as you think a child deserves from his or her parents? Essentially: can you meet a child's needs?   -What are your needs? Why do you want a second child? Can a child who is not your...
To answer the original questions, we plan to have a separate account for each child. I do not believe in trying to make everything equal. Life doesn't work out that way. And the parents I know who do that end up short changing both kids in the long-run. Example: "we can't afford to send them both to private school so they're both going to public school" instead of "we can only afford to send the eldest to private school so we're fundraising / applying for scholarships etc...
My son is no longer a baby but we're a vegan family so he ate vegan baby food. Like the other commenter I didn't worry about balanced meals until he weaned.
We avoid all the neighborhood stuff and go to a city fireworks show. We don't buy or use ANY fireworks.
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