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Oh I'm so sorry! We're sick too. Not as bad as you sound though. Poor thing, hang in there!
At 8 weeks we were still waking multiple times at night for evening feedings. To get him to go to sleep at that time we swaddled and fed and rocked with a lullaby. Around 6 months we started a more regular bed time and ritual: dinner, bath, moisturize/massage, feed, rock, lullaby.
We chose domestic for these reasons: - we feel that it's more likely to be ethical - if our children want to find out about their birthparents later, it will be easier - domestic adoptions (private or fostercare) are more likely to have accurate medical info on the child - we don't have any strong family or cultural connections to any other country - it's more affordable Plus, there are these reasons which weren't ours but that I learned after doing research: -...
Every agency is going to have different rules. You'll just need to find out the rules for yours. For us, rooms aren't considered bedrooms unless they have a closet. That's a real estate law. Might be different where you are.
In our case... they don't just look at square feet, they look at the number of bedrooms, the number of closets, and the number of bathrooms. Our home is 1600 sq ft with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bath. We could have qualified for a total of six children!
There's a section in the current issue of Adoptive Families magazine that is all about talking to your friends and family about you adoption plans as well as a segment on "dealing with skeptics".
Quote: Originally Posted by Lydiah Coating slippery foods like banana and avocado in cheerio crumbs makes them easier to pick up. I tried this today. Thank you for the suggestion! He grabbed the avocado pieces much more easily and ended up eating more of it than usual
Mine is 9 months but he's as tall as an average 12 month old but lean. He wears size 12mo pjs and rompers, size 9mo or 12 mo shirts, and he can still wart some 3mo pants (as shorts) because he's so lean. I've found some brands seem better suited to him: carters for example and other brands are made for chunkier babies so they look silly on my guy.
We are using Earths Best organic soy formula. It's great so far!
Veg and veg*n are inclusive. They mean "vegan and vegetarian". You got it
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