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Regarding weight: Vegans and vegetarians tend to be 10-20 pounds lighter than nonveg*ns. So... - that's an average; there are outliers (vegans who are heavier, nonvegan*ns who are lighter) - if someone starts at 250 pounds and loses 20 pounds by going veg then even at 230 they're still overweight/obese Regarding protein: There's protein in all kinds of foods. The largest sources of protein are meat and legumes.
My 3-year-old is so sensitive to rejection. I don't know what to do about it. Today after playing with a friend for a while, my son's friend decided to play alone. My son went berserk and started shrieking and throwing things. When I picked him up to console him he started kicking me. The other day at the park he made a new friend and played together a while. When the friend decided to run off after some older kids my son couldn't keep up. He started screaming and...
Depends on how much time you have. We did a trip like that in an RV. It was great!
We've ridden a train a few times for fun and there are no seatbelts or setups for carseats. The distance was short and the chances of an accident extremely slim so I didn't really think twice about it. But I was thinking about taking a longer trip on the train and it got me wondering about carseats and train safety.   We use a carseat on the plane. I do it because the turbulence can be jolting and because using the carseat makes my son stay in his seat and feel more...
A clean house.
We have a lot of board games and card games because my husband and I like them. In fact my husband is a professional game player (poker). But my son is so young we only play a few with him: Hi ho cherry o Cootie Memory Ants in the pants Copy Cats
Nope, no way it's safer than a rear-facing carseat. I would not use that thing.
Yes.Public drinking water is one example.
I also just want to mention that although our foster experience was extremely stressful to us, it was worth it because we ended up adopting the most wonderfully cheerful, energetic, sweet, clever boy! He's absolutely fantastic!
Reunification is always the first / primary goal. Adoption may be a "concurrent" plan, but it's plan B, a backup. How that all plays out is very varied. It really depends a whole lot on your state and county, your case worker(s), the case situation (bio parents), etc. To take your example of a child born to someone incarcerated, well in my experience adoption is fairly unlikely unless the crime they were incarcerated for was child abuse or the prisoner chooses to...
New Posts  All Forums: