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My son started with movies early. We took him to see Babies when he was a baby - he loved it. Only a couple films per year, with earplugs. Documentaries and cartoons are best. I found that he does much better when he's surrounded by other kids than when the theater is empty. And he's a sensitive kid so he handles the happy-go-lucky films better than the others. I feel like movies can be a fun experience for kids. Short bursts of this type of screen time are fine, IMO. Use...
Just want to point out that kids who get onto the photo listings are not representative of all kids in the system. Photo listings are used as a kind of last resort. Many kids are seeking adoptive homes but aren't on photo listings (yet).
I also like A Mother For Choco. And Rosie's Story. We have a few others but none of those are favorites yet.
I found that having a firm, non-violent consequence as a "go-to" helps me handle the moments when I'm tempted to scream or hit. For example, "if you don't stop doing XYZ right now you're going in time out." or even "I told you not to do XYZ but you did so now you're going in time out." It really helps to have a plan for how to deal with bad behavior. It will give you some psychological peace. I'm not saying you need to do time outs. You just need to pick something...
At 18 months and cold nights I would use the thick pjs with footies and one warm blanket. If that didn't feel warm enough then I'd remove some blankets from my bed and turn up the heater.
I don't want to debate this point much but soy is perfectly acceptable for most babies. In other some cultures soy is more readily available than dairy and has been fed to infants for decades. my son is perfectly healthy, smart, tall, and happy. Soy has been great for him and he actually tolerated it a lot better than dairy, too. Regardless, the OP asked about organic vs conventional, not dairy vs soy. I just brought up soy because it was related to transitioning...
I agree that was unsafe. Sadly she's probably not going to change. And she's just going to resent you if you say something beyond what you already said. So maybe just don't have her babysit anymore.
They have a book called Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child or something like that. It's fantastic!
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