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Quote: Originally Posted by dannic what about jilliansdrawers trial package? you get to try different types; if you don't want to keep you get refunded all but ten bucks....i'm looking at this ATM. eta the nb pkg you can order ahead--before lo and the trial doesn't start til babe comes. Oh yeah good idea. I think other online cd stores do the same thing as well. Posted via Mobile Device
I love my workhorse diapes! DD is almost 20 pounds and the rise is getting a little short so it will be time to size up as soon as they are stocked. Posted via Mobile Device
We do a prefold with a prefold doubler (folded on the short side) under a pair of knit longies. It's the only thing that hasn't leaked for us. Posted via Mobile Device
Quote: Originally Posted by Adaline'sMama I washed mine with no soap 3 times. From what I understand, the dryer is what fluffs them up and makes them more absorbant. So, I did 5 more rinses and dried them. Total of 8 times in the dryer. They work great! That's not entirely correct. A little added soap (like dawn) helps to break down the natural oils in the fibers thereby removing the repellent part of the cotton. Posted via Mobile Device
Oh and personally I hated the sunbaby and loved my BG organics but we use prefolds and wool now and love it!! Soooo breathable Posted via Mobile Device
Hmm it sounds like you're going whole hog before you've even had a chance to use any of the dipes. I did that and unfortunately everything I bought I couldn't use due to a PUL=diaper rash issue. I bought expensive too! BG organics and cute WHAM printed ones. So my advice is to head over to diaperswappers.com and get one of each type (prefold, flat, fitted, pocket, AIO, AI2, wool covers, hybrids, etc) hold them in your hot little hands see what you like best; try them on...
my dd had this after we started blw with melon, apple, pear and banana. we stopped for a month then started again. it cleared up and hasn't been a problem since. good luck momma!
My LO isn't an everyday popper either - usually every other day. Once she went 14 days without pooping and although she didn't seem upset or in pain I decoded that was too long and gave her a glycerin enema (I had also tried massage and bicycling before going this route). The enema worked like a charm and she's been fine ever since as long as I remember to give her her probiotics daily. I told the ped about it later and she said that's exactly what she would have...
I was given a moby and a bjorn while I was pregnant and I have to say they have both gotten good mileage and dd is only six months. I find the moby great for newborns and facing out. My husband loves the bjorn - I think mostly because he's intimidated by the moby. Recently I purchased a beco butterfly II for myself and I heart it for back carries. I think my biggest advice though would be to have several options available. It took a little trial and error to figure out...
We haven't been using it long but dd and I haven't had any issues with the back carry. She typically ends up crashing out with her head leaning all the way back - which doesn't look comfortable to me - but I just put on the head cover and keep going Posted via Mobile Device
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