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Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring--Orlando Bloom
Goodness, that is kinda early. But cool, though. I had the opposite problem with ds#2. He was actually CRAWLING (not scooting, CRAWLING--the pediatrician almost flipped out) at 3 months. That kid did NOT wanna be still for any reason once he figured out how to go places. When he was 7 1/2 months old, I actually had to "make" him sit still long enough to learn how to sit up on his own. I didn't let him cry at all, but he wasn't crazy about the idea--he kept crawling...
Quote: Originally Posted by Patchfire mama23k, I'm so glad you said that about saying stuff - I keep swearing that Jacob is saying mama and 'hey,' but everyone around me says I am a victim of wishful thinking! I heard a lot of that with my oldest (7yo ds). However, I kept hearing it less and less with each baby. They must have assumed I'm beyond help and are just humoring me. :LOL I think part of Helena's actually saying a few words is that...
I have 4 kiddos. 2 boys and 2 girls. (In that order.) 7, 4, 3, and 5 months.
Hi, I just wanted to post on this thread. I'm a little older than some of you (29) but I had my first when I was 22 and now I have 4 dc. I felt VERY isolated when my oldest was born. People just quit coming around or calling. It got better for me though, b/c my 18 yo cousin lived next door and had a little boy only 4 months younger than mine. Aside from her, I didn't really have any friends. And I still feel terribly isolated at times. Oh, well, sometimes having...
Oh my goodness, mama. Take good care of yourself. I haven't posted on this thread yet, but my Helena turned 5 months on the 6th. She started out at 5 lbs. 13 oz., but she's almost 15 lbs. now. I know that's not nearly as big as some little ones are, but I think she's doing fine. Dmil swears up and down that she should be sitting up on her own by now. However, she's rolling both ways and "scooting" around on her back by pushing with her feet (and no, she doesn't...
a metaphor and aquaphor
False. The person below me has (in a time of desperation) wiped their kid's nose with a maxi pad.
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