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I didn't fall off the face of the earth... just MDC. I made it a New Year's resolution to return to keeping up with this thread. I think I simply forgot how helpful and supportive you all can be!   I'm glad to see so many of you have gotten your BFP's while I was away. Hugs to those of you who didn't! It can be so frustrating.  I sometimes wonder if this will ever happen for me, or if I'm doomed to TTC until menopause. I'm trying to stay positive, though! That's why...
Cindy - So sorry about AF showing up, and on your birthday no less! I hope it didn't ruin your day. I can see you're torn about weaning. How old is your little one again? I'm sure you've checked out the Nursing Mamas TTC thread. I'm willing to bet there's some helpful info there.
I try to eat a diet similar to the one you mentioned, Silverbird, but sometimes I slip. The wedding/honeymoon plans are coming along nicely. We're actually losing sleep over it, we're so excited. We leave on Monday and get married next Friday! I don't want to give away too much about what we're wearing to the wedding. You'll just have to wait for the pictures. I will say it will certainly not be your typical ceremony! But hey, we're not your typical couple,...
Congratulations, Somegirl!!! What a great story, and he's just gorgeous. I love his name!
Hooray Wehrli!!!!! Sending you sticky vibes!
Hey everyone! I'm still around... just lurking for the most part. I wanted to pop in and give a big congrats to gumshoe!!! AFM, No news on the TTC front since we won't be trying again until September, but I've been busy planning the wedding and honeymoon. I can't wait to share pics of my wedding "gown". I'll be checking in when I can, and I hope to see many more BFP's! Oh, and GO TEAM AMANDA!
Congrats Banana! I hope you have a similar outcome, CLH
Congrats neuromancer!!!
Welcome Silverbird! I'm always happy to see new faces on this board. I am also not following any particular diet. I just try to eat organic whole foods whenever possible. Cindy - My fingers are crossed , and I'm sending out long-LP vibes your way! How's that cinnamon bun shop? Birdie - Any signs of O? It's possible you're being too healthy, especially if you made drastic changes recently. I think it's an excellent excuse to spoil yourself a bit. AFM, nothing...
fertilemyrtle - Your 20-day cycle does sound strange. I'm sure it was just a fluke, though. The first cycle we tried, my LP went from an extremely consistent 13 days down to 10 days. I chalked it up to nerves. Have a great time on your vacation! Blanca - Sorry about your BFN this morning, but I'm holding out hope too!!! neuromancer - Fingers crossed for you too. Your symptoms sound very promising! meander - Good luck with your 2WW. When do you plan to...
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