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She's 7 pounds, 15 ounces and 19.5" long.  She ended up being about 2 weeks overdue and you can tell, she didn't have any vernix and has lots of peely skin.  She's beautiful and healthy :) We planned a homebirth for our second baby girl and we labored at home for about 12 hours before finding out that she was breech during transition.  We had to drive to the hospital, about 15 minutes away, and have an emergency c-section because we didn't know her position or size and...
I am so sorry to hear that!  I hope you have a good support system around you at the hospital.  I will be thinking of you and your family.
I post sometimes and lurk a lot so I thought I'd ask your advice.  I've posted before about my wonky dates but here they are:  based on LMP, 8/11, based on early US, 8/30 and based on gender US, 8/21.  So we were going by the 11th, where I've been measuring the whole time.  According to that I am now overdue and have until the 25th to be in progressive labor (due to my state's laws).  The midwife is not comfortable with the early US because it was an inexperienced...
I haven't been posting much but I'm here!  I'm DDB with AgathaAnn and I thought I'd beat her to it, with all the false labor I've been having.  Since the end of July and we had a false alarm a few days ago that was so convincing we called the midwife out in the middle of the night.  For nothing.  I felt like sobbing; this is so hard!  And I don't have a concrete date to go by so it's a little frustrating.  I have had DD of the 11th (LMP), the 21st (gender US) and the...
That's amazing, can't wait to read the story!  Congratulations on a healthy baby boy!  
That is a great picture, Annie.  Thanks for posting it!  He is so perfect and glad to hear you are doing good!  
Wow, that sounds pretty intense!  Hoping you are resting now and glad to hear it all went well!
Update!!   Her baby boy was born at 8:04 (I'm guessing p.m.) and he was 7 pounds, 4 ounces and was 19".  She said he's nursing like a champ.  I have a picture but I can't upload it, sorry!, but he is gorgeous and looks to be a blondie :)
Annie just texted me saying that her contractions are 4-5 minutes apart and they are on their way to the hospital (90 minutes away) for their c-section.  She sounds great!  She took her laptop with her so she will update this when they've welcomed their new little one.  Send lots of good thoughts her way!   FYI-Her due dates were 7/23 and 8/6
I can text or update online but not from my phone.  
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