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I tested and it was negative. I went to get my prenatals and they were out, of course, so I will get some later. I hope that works because this is killing me! Thanks for the reply, though.
Oh now, don't say that! The thought had crossed my mind but we practiced FAM to avoid before DD and to get pregnant so I am aware of fertility signs and I haven't seen/felt anything. Guess I will test?
My DD is almost 10 m. and the past week I have been EXHAUSTED! Normally, I have enough energy and seldom nap but I have been napping and sleeping in all week. I also have been hungrier than normal. Is there a 10 m. growth spurt I should know about? She doesn't seem to be nursing a lot more. Some but not a lot. She is not very into solids and is pretty much EBF. Could it be cycle related? I was taking prenatals but ran out and haven't taken any in about 2 months. ...
Thanks so much for all your help! So where can I start looking for prices on meat? Do you shop at the grocery store or do you go to a butcher? I think this sounds like the best idea for us. And we are in Idaho so my IL are big hunters, I wondered about deer and/or elk. Any experience with that?
Thanks for the feedback. I was reading a little bit about going RAW last night and wondered if that might be the route. Could you give me some resources? Amounts per dog per day, type of meat, supplements, etc...(not the actual info. unless you want to but point me in the right direction). Thanks again!
Our mastiff is around 150 (on the light end because of hip dysplasia) and we also have a 35 pound lab/pit mix. Our little dog is not looking healthy and hasn't for sometime. She has really dry skin, she chews the fur off her tail, has gunky ears and is really stiff and sore but she is only about 7 or 8 years old. The mastiff is pretty healthy looking but his coat gets greasy pretty fast. I have been reading The Whole Pet Diet by Andi Brown and want to start cooking for...
I have a Lug bag that my grandma bought for me (in "grass"). It's not technically a diaper bag but has outside and inside pockets, came with a drawstring bag and has lots of little nooks and crannies. I love it! I picked it out because it is neutral and I can use it long after babies. My friend had a Petunia Picklebottom and I wanted one but have since noticed it is fraying around the edges.
We love them-my DD is a natural in the water! When I swam when I was pregnant she'd kick and move so much and now at 8 months, she kicks and paddles and just seems to love it. Plus she takes a great nap afterward! We take them at the Y, too. It's mostly play but I did learn some water play ideas: we count to 3 before getting them in the water so they have some fair warning and today dunk them based on their cues. She also floated on a little board and liked that. My...
I am planning on making gCloth inserts; 2 layers microfleece and 2 of a hemp terry. Does anyone know where to buy it and what to look for? I am wanting to make about 2 doz. And the fleece, would the anti-pill at JoAnn's do the trick?
I was an elementary teacher before DD and SAH. I found an ad on craigslist for a tutor and while that didn't pan out it seems like something that I could do. I would prefer to work one-on-one with kids but the online thing might work out, too. Anyone have any experience/advice they'd like to share? I was wondering about pay and advertising in particular. Thanks so much!
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