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This is an old post but when I first read it ds (and I) had only read one or two of the newer MTH books. Now he's started at the beginning and we have read the very first two and wow do the sentence fragments bother me! lol Even ds notices them. I would never discourage him from reading them for that reason and I think they are fine little adventures for that age group but now I see what you mean!
That does help Megan - thank you!
We get the more flyer type of notice with the usual junk mail - those I wouldn't think twice about -  but also some that are obviously "personally" delivered as well as the phone calls. Any houses for sale in this area go very quickly - we jumped to buy ours and were very lucky. Anyway, thanks for the answers!
Not sure if this should go here or in the more general "home" forum...we bought our house 7.5 years ago and have no intention of selling anytime soon. But we get quite a few notes in our mailbox and even phone calls from real estate agents asking if we are thinking of selling or if we know anyone in our neighbourhood who is, saying that they have clients who would like to buy in the neighbourhood. Our *house* is nothing special - we got it quite cheap because it had not...
I loved Father Mine! I'm reading Love Unleashed right now (finally!) which is bringing me back to V and Jane. Sigh... I still love this series.  
This is great - thank you so much! I used to love Quantum Leap but had forgotten about it.
My son has recently seen and loved the Back to the Future trilogy and is currently obsessed with time travel in general. He's asking if I know of anymore time travel movies. Anyone know of any other good ones for a 9 year old?
Well they really cleaned house in the season finale. I thought it was a good season. Wonder what they'll do in season 5!
Our bedroom is my favourite room in the house - I made it that way on purpose. Honestly, what helps a lot is that dh uses our third bedroom for his clothes. THAT room is a mess but at least it is not our bedroom!   I agree that you need to make "homes" for all the items. We have specific places for change, keys, business cards, receipts, things that need to go out of the house, etc. The only thing I'll add is that for clothes that aren't ready for the hamper but that...
Just finishing watching this week's episode. Please tell me they aren't killing off Jessica! I assume Jason will save her somehow?
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