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My dh also noted this. He's watched every episode. I just started it but really like it so far and will continue watching! (I love True Blood also)  
Ditto. I'm not a *clean* freak but I regularly reach a breaking point if things are too *messy*. I have created places for everything. Pieces of paper (the worst!) which dh and ds leave lying around go into piles in certain places. Just having a place for odds and ends really helps me. An incredible help in my case is that dh has his clothes in our 3rd bedroom and that has evolved into being the room where I can just toss anything that is his that's lying around. THAT...
Yay - another potential fan! Let us know how you like (or don't) them!   Yeah guidebooks aren't my thing either. Boring! I did love Father Mine.   lol Gina. Have a good vacation...whatever you do!   I'm still working my way through Lover Mine.   I'm almost done with the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. I can appreciate how well done it is but I haven't enjoyed it as much as other stuff. I also got sidetracked with a couple of other series that I tried out - nothing...
I can't wait either! I was thinking about it last night - one more week!!!
No actually he doesn't snore.
I have been thinking about something that's maybe related. DS (9) is still a pretty happy kid but he has his own issues (as does everyone to varying degrees) that are very hard for him. But I was specifically thinking about was how I am seeing him "shut down". I remember this from when I was growing up. I don't know if it's because we are particularly sensitive or if it happens to most everyone but for him I think it's about getting hurt (his feelings) and seeing how...
Oooo I like the first one you linked to texmama. Thanks! I'll have to check out Lowes. I saw some on the Home Depot website as well.
Our ceilings are about 8' - I think just a normal height. My main concern is that it's bright enough. What we have right now (which actually doesn't even work anymore anyway) isn't bright enough. I am thinking track lighting is my best option. Then I can aim the lights where I need them. I'm not crazy about track lights though!   Thanks for the suggestions!
I was just looking through the Lee Valley catalog and I think I found the shelf. It's on page 200 of their hardware catalog which you can access from their website. The brackets are meant to hold a curtain rod and can also hold a shelf up to 6" deep. The shelf is not included and you wouldn't have to put the curtain rod. Very cool! I might have to get a couple.   Did you get the blind down? I would take it down. We have those patterned sheets on a window beside our...
I'm in love with Pam, too!   Still haven't read this one yet but will soon.
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