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Well, I am a Dane who lives in Brazil but I answered anyway. ;)   I voted that I went as an adult (I was 18). I spent a year in upstate NY USA as an exchange student and my host family took me on a vaction to Orlando where we of course went to Disney World.
Just did - although I actually used a wrong username as strong mama's former username, and even though she already stated herself that her ex knows who she is here on mdc, in both the present and past incarnation. Anyhow, it's now edited out of my post, I don't want to cause any further grief for anyone.
I remember you from when you used T. as your username, and I can't say that I am surprised your ex is stalking you. :( Your small son lives with him, right? I guess that a certain amount of contact is unfortunately necessary for the sake of keeping in touch with your son, but do try to minimize how much information you make available to the 'broad public' on the internet. If he knows about this account on MDC, you should probably start afresh here, yes.
I hope you got some decent lunch anyhow, and congrats on you and ýour hubby making sound financial choices!
Add me to the growing fanclub for GearGirl!
Tea spoons and wooden spoons.
Oh, my kid doesn't love noisy plastic toys and I abhor them. That doesn't mean though that I can get behind driving somewhere to pick said toys up for free and then moan and bitch about how yucky they are. If you don't like them and don't want them in your house, then leave them for someone else who does want them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thalia the Muse "Some parents" were nice enough to give you a big bag of free toys. I'm sure there's someone else there who'd like them if you don't want them. Why on earth take the bags if all you're going to do with the toys is treat them with disdain and banish them to the grandparents' house?
Quote: Originally Posted by sapphire_chan I'd be seriously tempted to send back "Oh sweetie, we're so sorry. We told all the mommies of DD1's 7-9 year old friends about the party, your mommy must've thought it was too far to travel. Don't worry honey, I'm sure you'll make some little friends in your city and they'll have birthday parties and your mommy will let you go to those." and let her just stew for the weeks you're in Hong Kong. LMAO,...
Wow, that's amazing! Thanks for sharing about your experience with mulch!
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