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1 minute!   My first baby was born and the second one followed straight down the birth canal.  It took the doctor by complete surprise.  Everyone said they had never seen such a quick delivery of twins.
How many of you who had the NSTs had mono/di twins? I feel like I have consented to much more testing and monitoring for my mono/di twins than I would if they were di/di. Ultrasounds every two weeks and bi-weekly NSTs feel a bit excessive, but I am really paranoid about TTTS.
I have been really worried about how I would be able to shop with newborn twins and a 2-year-old. I figured I would put one baby in a sling, one in the carseat in the basket of the cart and the toddler in the seat of the cart. But where would I put the groceries? I hadn't thought about pulling a second cart behind me. I guess I am already going to look like I escaped from the zoo, so I may as well pull a second cart around to add to the sight.
Quote: Originally Posted by Intertwined I'm shooting for five and up Dianna. All people using the toilet, wiping themselves, buckling their own car seats and not nearly as likely to dash in front of traffic. Of course, by then my oldest will be entering puberty..... I don't know. The further into their teens that my kids get, the more I think I would take toddlers over teens any day. They cry and whine every bit as much as my toddler. I...
I have been reading this forum since the begining of my twin pregnancy, but I have never posted until now. DH and I got married 5 years ago. We each have 2 children from our previous marriages; his are in their early 20's and mine are in their early teens. We decided that we really wanted to have a baby together after we got married. After a long 2.5 years of heartache and multiple medical procedures, we finally got pregnant with our "love child" and had our baby...
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