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May I please join this thread? I currently CTA as well as  use BC. I'm a lil paranoid as I've gotten pregnant with all of the BC I've tried but thought I would try just one more time. I'm SOOO paranoid of getting pregnant because it seems I'm of the 2% who are able to get pregnant on BC. So I chart because of that minimal "just in case it fails" in the back of my mind. I'm staunchly against getting pregnant right now and my partner and I do not want any more children for...
My partner has Aspergers, some days it's hard to live with others I love his oddities. My son is also ASD which is a challenge in and of itself. I feel your frustrations. I also have Aspergers so it's been a challenge to balance us all... Nice to meet you all
Sorry this is late but thank you sooo much for the reply, I appreciate that, we got it under control. It was due to severe changes in both our lives and he was stressed out about it. :)  
Ladies I need some advice, my DS is starting to severely regress in the potty learning area, the last 4 or 5 days have wreaked havoc on both me and the daycare and preschool, he's refusing to use the potty for anyone and I'm wondering how I can solve this issue.
Thank you so much for the suggestion, I try to keep everything as similar as possible, he doesn't  nap during the day I wish he would lol. But I will keep on trying to keep everything even more to his daycare routine
My DS is starting his first year of preschool this year and he has an aide paid for through an Integrated Daycare Subsidy program. So far the transition has been a little bit bumpy but we're some how managing. My DS does not do change well and has been in daycare full time 5 days a week and has now switched to 2 days a week in half day preschool/half day home and 3 full days of daycare per week, and he's having trouble making the adjustment, I've tried my best to make it...
When it comes to MJ you're always going to have those ridiculous opinions that pot is bad for you. It's not.
Hey can I join? My son goes to preschool and I AP. I only chose to school out of necessessity and the fact that I'm a single parent and the only person making an income in the house as I don't live with my Partner and it's just me and my son, I feel kind of guilty but what can you do, you have to do what's best for everyone.
Hey can I join in on this thread?
ITA with this post
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