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At the moment, I work nights 11pm to 7am as a night nurse (LVN)   I go to school for my RN, and clinicals start Monday which will go on for 6 weeks 7a-7p. I have homwork and study time, with tests, and assignments due at different times.   I watch the baby during the day while my SO works from 8am-5pm. (daycare here is expensive) When he comes home, I go to bed and sleep (when DD isnt fussy) until about 9 or so. I then wake up, sometimes have time to catch a...
how much did your 6 month old weigh at their checkup? Mine was 13.5 pounds. She looks chubby and healthy and eats just fine - but that seems really small to me! shes 26 inches long.
me too :) its cool to see what other moms think!
Im just wondering how many mommas vaccinate, dont vaccinate or delay vaccinate - and the effect they have seen so far. What are your reasons for your choice? What advice do you have for moms who are thinking of doing what you are doing? Just curious :]
So - who has one? what do you think of them? i ordered one for my Dd2 today :)
So i thought I would share =]   9.99 is pretty cheap for a CD isnt it?   http://www.cottonbabies.com/product_info.php?cPath=51&products_id=1811
Hey mommas! Finally got SO to agree to CD with Dd2 since I did it with my older 2. =) Does anyone here use best bottoms from nickis diapers? I ordered the starter pack. What do you think of them? Where do you get your CDs? What brands do you use?  Thanks! 
cloth is so easy, and so fun (due to the patterns!) but my SO doesnt like the idea :c( thankfully I was able to cloth with my other two kiddos. But yes, poo in landfills is not good, and most people who use sposies dont know this! they dont even know that it is illegal!
some naked baby time is really good for rashes and things of that sort. Also like another poster said, vaginal yeast cream is good for yeast if that is what you link it may be :)
girl clothes are dangerous on the wallet :P We have tons of clothes because my SOs mom loves to shop shop shop.... and i find it hard to make sure that each outfit gets worn at least once!
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