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Hey ladies! Does anyone here have a blog? I do, and I find writing there very refreshing. When I have no one to talk to IRL about something that is bothering me, I go there and just let it all out. Great therapy!   What blogs do you guys read (if you read any?)   Also - does anyone read the blog MckMama (mycharmingkids.com) if so - what do you think about it? There is a MckMamaWithoutPity site - and going back and forth between the two is kind of nuts!
When I first became a mom at 17 it was so hard to accept my new body, but this site helped me so much. I am glad that you ladies enjoy it!
gotta take care of mama first. if momma cant function then that is not good. a happy momma = a happy baby :) ((hugs))
This lady said it way better than I could :]   Even with Disposable Diapers, Poop in the Potty By Sonya Fehér, on August 27th, 2008   Recently a friend of mine told me that whether you’re using cloth or disposable diapers for your baby, you’re supposed to flush the fecal matter down the toilet so that it can go through the sewer system and be treated. Apparently babies and small children excrete many viruses in their feces including Hepatitis A,...
http://theshapeofamother.com/   I have followed this site since it was opened, and it really makes you feel better about your mommy body. Just thought i would sare :] 
Thank you ladies, for all your input! I am so thankful that I learned about amazon mom and also about the other more earth friendly diapers :) such great help. With Cloth I used the same brand each time with my older two, with no issues - with disposables I am finding it more of a trial and error situation. (which sometimes makes for unhappy babies who wake up with soaked clothes!)  
Thank you ladies - the sites you gave are all so great :) I cant wait to get my orders in the mail!
That is the brand that I have seen, and thought of buying. Do they leak? I have used some disposable brands and they just leak out the side! Some are actually great (the more fitted ones) but others are just useless...
maybe taking a nice shower together before bed, while baby is sleeping? Sometimes me and my dh can get away with it... sometimes not. Other times, we ask the grandparents to keep the baby for a few hours so we can "watch a movie" ;) ... well we start a movie, but never get to finish it!   Or waking up just a little early, while baby is still snoozing, and have some fun before work... just a thought!
Anyone used or recommend them? I was thinking of getting some for Dd2. With my other children I used cloth, but Dd2 has a different father, and he didnt take too well on the idea of cloth, so we are using disposables, and I am looking for something a little more earth friendly.   thanks!
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