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Little miss is 5.5 months now! Doing well! She enjoys her jumper, rolling over both ways, and she doesnt really enjoy tummy time. She is fitting into 6-9 month clothing just fine, and has adorable leg rolls. <3 She is currently working on hair. hah.
i see that a lot of other mamas have said the same thing, but baths together, are really calming for baby (and mama) just one on one, quiet time. Also try the lavender baby bath, it seems to be calming. And after, a nice rub of lotion on their skin <3 smells so good.
Swaddle, swaddle swaddle :) Babies like to feel they are being held, and they work wonders! Also try a baby swing. That also worked for me, and all my babies slept long hours in their swings. Hey, sometimes dishes need to be done! and Laundry needs to be put away!
I havent had time to read through all the comments - but I did see the one where it says that this is your first baby (congrats!) and I just wanted to say that it does get easier with time. :) In the end, take the suggestions for their advice but you should do whatever you feel is best for you and your baby. Your baby is unique! And though may be like other babies in ways - will follow their own path. You are the mama, and you know the baby best :) So just take a deep...
So, since Dd1 didnt get to be much of a girly girl baby - I am going all out with Dd2 :) And I have just ordered some flower headbands (i think they are adorable) and baby legs - but I was wondering if there are any sites that you would suggest to order from? I am also looking for diaper covers in cute prints.   Thanks!
I had that same issues with Dd1 and she is still not a very good sleeper, waking several times a night. It was a tough road when she was a baby, but we got through it. I just wanted to offer ((hugs)) and support.
Thank you for the reply! I'm hoping the IUD I have has the same effect!!
Since Little Miss was born back in September, I have never stopped bleeding. They tried lots of different BC pills, estrogen, primarin IV (which required a hospital stay) and now they are on the IUD (which had to be taken out because my body was rejecting it, and replaced with a new one) and I am still having bleeding. Some days it is heavy, like a period, some days it's spotty... but its always there...   Any other ladies experience this? What did you do about it?...
It has been a while since I have posted here. :] I am looking to get back in the swing of things, and gaining friends in the community now that life has settled down a bit.   After the birth of Little Miss (Sep. 14, 2010) I had a lot of medical issues, that seem to be clearing up, finally - thank goodness!   Little Miss is now 5 and a half months old and is doing very well. She is currently working on growing hair, blowing raspberries, and eating her toes. Her...
at least I know I am not the only one, that is a huge comfort
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