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guessing girl bc I have a "feeling" and the pregnancy is very similar to my daughters was told just a few days ago that I am probably right, by the ultrasound tech!
http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pi...4&id=527451912 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pi...0&id=527451912 14.5 weeks! Due date now 10/01 Pretty sure shes a little girl!
my bf said it was over for good yesterday- and things had been rough for a while, it just sucks that he doesn't want anything to do with me or his baby I am 14 weeks today and have an OB appointment on Wednesday. I'm going to have to go alone. I feel so alone, and like a total failure because my ex husband left me and his two kids back in November 08- but now he HAS the kids. I just feel like a failure as a momma... and just pretty defeated over all.
i guess i belong here now... my bf left me and I am almost 4 months pregnant. He'd rather smoke and drink and hang out with the wrong crowd, rather than be with me... it really hurts, but i am trying to get over it. Things had been rough for a while... its just really hard right now because it just happened over the last week and he said it was over yesterday... blah.
im having a stressfull day... its the last weekend i get my kids before the final court date, week after next. my mothers being a total two faced something-or-other which isnt suprising, but it still hurts, and some news regarding the trial was heard through the grapevine that irritates the heck outta me... n im tired, n i wanna just go to sleep- but i have a 2 hour drive back home with the kids this afternoon, n there will be no time to sleep.... i need hugs......
im broke out on my face, boo.
((baby sticky vibes)) ((hugs))
I have the triforce on the back of my car too. G33k4lif3 :P (i blame it on my aspergers) but it's just that cool tell ur son he rocks!
Yep! I got it with my best friend who got the 1up star on her inner thigh. This is my fave tho: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pi...9&id=527451912
My patients mother just fed me a doughnut and s home made taco with bean n cheese
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