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http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pi...d&id=527451912 11 weeks
Hugs Hun. I'd go to the er
I'm almost certian that by the time i am about ready to deliver- I will have gotten a midwife. I'm planning to do all I can to avoid a hospital delivery- because I am just too afraid of another c/s. If anything I'll deliver at home and then call an ambulance to take us in and get us checked out- just to be on the safe side. Thanks for the encouragement, ladies
Hey mamas, I'm just writing because the more I think about it- the more I worry myself. I am terrified of having this baby. Not worried about how I will provide for him/her but giving birth, specifically. I am so, so scared of another C-section. I don't want another one. The more c-sections you have, the more risk you put yourself in the next time you get pregnant. Both of my previous c/s were awful, horrible experiences, and I don't want to go through...
here is mine taken today 10 weeks along
Quote: Originally Posted by macy I have the dumbest question ever but what do you mean by "papa"? I remember you saying that in another thread and I don't think I can make it until October without asking. i had the same question lol but yeah, single momma here too... i have a bf, but... you know how things go.....
my ob called me today and told me that my pap (which came back normal 5 months ago) has come back + for HPV... im sad, and anxious, as I dont know what to expect. Everyone says its such a common thing, but still, its still kind of scary... anyone else dealing with this during pregnancy?
One of the op had said they had the delux angus from McDs and so- because I'm easily influenced- I had that for dinner yesterday. Huge mistake. I now have a very strong aversion to all fast food places... Not that it's a bad thing. The queasy feeling has yet to dwindle and I had to force down breakfast and fight to keep it there. :-/ First trimester is a pain. It's worth it though........ I guess
And your dr was supportive of you after you signed this? Wow. Okay- thank you so much! I am going to ask about this at my next appointment
No! I never even heard of it! What do I ask for? What exactly does it do?
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