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Quote: Originally Posted by Mandy F Sadly enough, I did know someone with polio and she got polio from the vaccine itself. I've seen far too many times where a child is vaccinated and winds up developing the very same disease they were injected to prevent. My brother had a horrible reaction to the DPT vaccine when he was younger. He could have died. He's okay but he was fighting with a learning disability shortly thereafter. There's a risk...
Ammiga, not always. I have a chronic disease which makes me more susceptible to certain diseases. The vaccine would definitely boost my immunity (both times, it's been very mild - only when I started to bark like a seal did we realize what was going on) but there wouldn't be a guarantee.
Quote: Originally Posted by alarmom Any help and advice would be great. My 6 year old son is suffering with his seasonal hay fever/allergies this year. I don't want to give him benedryl or similar meds. We've tried chiropractic, almost all organic diet. Nettle/Eyebright currently. He also takes Quercetin and Bromalain. Obviously these things aren't working. Is there anything out there that has worked for your kiddos? Why don't you...
This post makes my heart hurt. Of course they are good boys. I'd call children services again and work your way up the chain of command. Get the police involved if you have to. I wish someone had done that for me as a child. My childhood may have been different.
The best thing to do is trust your instincts. If you feel something is wrong with your current agency, high tail it out of there! Here's a good source for adoption agency ratings... http://www.adoptionagencyratings.com/
I am just getting over a case for the second time in 5 years. I was terrified to go around children because you never know who is vacs and who isn't. I have no heard of anyone blaming non-vac people. What I have heard (in the medical community) is blaming the longevity of the vaccine. It lasts about 25 years so old folks like me (LOL 42) are now able to get it and pass it on to those who aren't vaccinated against it. The rub is.. if you choose not to vaccinate your...
Quote: Originally Posted by vja4Him I'm a single dad, raising my two boys all on my own! They have been with me for over 5 1/2 years now. Challenging to say the least! oops - sorry about that!
I'd call the police (non emergency number) and ask if they are able to assist you in fulfilling the court order. The police can contact her attorney and demand to know her whereabouts.
Go Mama Go! I'm sorry you are going through this. {{{hugs}}}
They can ban peanuts being given out but they really can't ban customers bringing them on board. I'd imagine anyone with a child with a peanut allergy or an allergy themselves would always have access to an epi. You just never know what you are going to touch. Some airlines are very allergy sensitive. My friend was traveling cross country and has an airborne allergy to a number of things (perfume is a biggie). She is also has idiopathic anaphalaxis so she doesn't...
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