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Is the honey you are eating raw? If not, switch to raw. Add Zantac 150mg to your drugs. Claritan is an H1 blocker. Zantac (yes, the stomach medicine) is an H2 blocker. H2 (histamine 2) causes reflux which is why it is seen as a stomach med. However, it can also be used an an antihistamine. Feel better!
Oh BookGoddess, it was spectacular! We walked in and the teacher introduced herself, her aids and even her students. You could see in their faces they loved the fact that they were important people in that room so they had to be individually introduced. The children were at 3 tables. Two tables of 3 children each were reading books and one table of 2 children were photo reading. There were definitely children in the classroom who's behavior was similar to my...
I just go the call from DS's social worker - they moved him to the other school!!!!!!!!!!!! :twothumb s DH is in a meeting outside the office and I can't get through to him grrrr. I am sitting at my desk at work crying!
Quote: does anyone have any knowledge/experience with this? Or with MSG intolerance in general? ds2 started off with a bad 'dribble rash' at about 2-3mths old and the progressed to developing eczema on the rest of his body. I was given a small book by a friend about this womans journey with curing her daughters eczema. Her theory was the msg has caused food allergies, so she removed the allergenic foods as well as msg for 5 weeks, eczema was completely gone,...
I wonder if that would be appropriate for my son. He has sensory processing disorder and I've noticed lately he's chewing on things he shouldn't be (his blanket, collar of his shirt, etc.)
Some of those sound age appropriate (playing by herself - kids at that age are still parallel playing) but a lot sound sensory related. Looking back... I see a lot of signs of SPD in my son (who has been officially diagnosed). Banging his head on the floor was a biggie. He's a seeker so no aversion behavior. However, he preferred heavy handed touches vs. light (back rubs, belly rubs). Never met a baby who liked deep foot massages like my son did. He begs to be...
I'm pretty sure I saw them at Lolli on Walnut Street between 6th and 7th (www.lollilolli.net). You can also check the Children's Boutique at 17th and Walnut (http://www.echildrensboutique.com/).
Thanks everyone. His social worker and principal of his current school are fighting for us. I'm hoping to hear from the district liaison today. ~fingers crossed~
Quote: I'm usually a go with your gut, trust your intuition kind of person, but if you feel her structured classroom might be good for your child then why not do a trial run there. You could always ask for another classroom, right? Are there are other teachers whose classroom your son could go to if things don't work out? Structure yes, rigidity no. She seems very rigid and that just wont' work with my son.
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