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{{{hugs}}} I hear you loud and clear. Try not to feel badly. They are coming to you out of a place of ignorance. They don't know what it's like to parent a wonderful child like you have. They have no idea the creativity it takes, the patience, the joy and the heartache. They think because your daughter is different from their children that she must be a burden to you. Do you feel they would be open to being educated about how wonderful it is to be your...
While I agree, probiotics are good - your son is in a unique situation (tube fed). I'd not introduce anything without consulting with his physician first. When my DS began teething, I decided to try the hyland teething tablets my friends all used. I stopped though, something told me to just double check with his pediatrician. Good thing I did, even though it's "all natural and homeopathic" it was counterindicated for my son as he was on phenobarbytal and he could...
This should help... http://www.google.com/products?q=pen...ed=0CBkQrQQwAg
Keep in mind that in some situations, it's not a matter of cost or ease but that it's better to work in a small group setting as the children not only benefit from the therapist but the other children as well. My son gets speech therapy in both the classroom (large group) and pull out (small group). I spoke with my cousin who is a speech therapist about pushing for one on one and she said in many cases - small group is much more beneficial.
Mamita - I strongly recommend my agency Open Arms Adoption (openarmsadoption.net). They were fantastic. We adopted from Guatemala which is currently closed. They do a lot of domestic, latino adoptions and they may have a program for Columbia (not sure). Ask for Lisa W and tell her Julie sent you.
First and foremost - lying is never a good thing. By doing so, you are convincing a potential birth mother and father to choose you under false pretenses. I don't believe an adoption agency would have an issue with this. However, a potential birth parent may have a problem with some or all of your beliefs. That's fine, you want to match up with someone who has similar feelings, ethics, etc. It may take a bit longer but I definitely think it's possible.
Fellow mastocytosis sufferer here. I can't imagine having a child with this disease. I have systemic and uricartia pigmentosa (thus my name, the spotted foxx ) It's so rare, it's great that you met another family with a child with the disease. Are you going to the conference in Arizona this year? I went to the one in NJ last year and it was just chock full of information and met some wonderful people too.
Oh Harper - I got all teary eyed! He did beautifully! Both DH and I had the same experience with DS over the weekend. Friday night, I took my son to a "Tot Shabbat" (religious program). All the kids were standing around together, singing songs and dancing and he was off to the side except when he was trying to steal a microphone. He loves microphones and will just stand there and yell "Mommy, are you??" The fantastic part was none of the kids treated him any...
Adoption.com has forums for country specific adoption. I adopted my son from Guatemala. Their forums were an amazing resource.
MomtoS - big hugs. I totally hear where you are coming from. We were at a Chanukah party and a woman walked right up to me and said "you're getting him services right?" I just stared at her. She introduced herself as a special ed teacher. I was floored. It was just my son being my son right? Guess not. HarperRose - it is bittersweet. I have decided I can take joy in his accomplishments (whatever and whenever they are) or be sad that he accomplishes things...
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