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possibly yes. does not happen often, but my friend's younger sibling caught measles as a baby from someone who had just gotten the mmr. its a live (albeit weakened) vaccine. this is why i am not getting dd (13mos) the mmr for a very very long time....i'm barely 2mos pg. rubella titer is neg. but i also refuse to get myself the mmr while i have a baby, due to the slight chance of transmission.
i was getting conflicting info (yes/no) from other sources a few months ago so i called merck. its no. they did start reproducing them separately, and have since ceased reproduction with no plans to resume. ever. however. if you ever go to england, iirc sanofi-pasteur makes them separately over there......at least thats what i've heard from some british mothers i've talked to.
how close are you to children's hospital philly? they have excellent drs there - a lady at my mothers church has a daughter with trisomy 18 and they go to chop/philly.
had to push back our tour of the HOL again...thanks to dd being sick, this time. we will hopefully get there sometime in the next month....when we do though i will let you know!
not sure what facility but check with the hospital/facility - the hospital i delivered dd at does not use silver nitrate. also, in signing the refusal for the hepB at that particular hospital, basically what it said was 'i am refusing to have this administered at this particular time, at this facility' - the nurse goes, "it doesn't say you arent gonna get it just that you aren't getting it here - a lot of ppl refuse it and have it done at the peds office" we opted to...
well dh is sick so we didn't go tonight but we are going wed night, so i will let you know then....like i said i haven't heard anything bad about HOL. without having done the tour yet the only major downside i can see is depending on where in lancaster county you are heading, it might be perty far a drive, and 501 during the middle of the day....well, lets just say i'm glad we know back roads -- it can get perty backed up from traffic. mostly its traffic heading N, but...
hi, i live in lanco. i have not heard anything bad about the heart, only good, and my dh particularly likes the fact that everything is in one room, mom & baby, L&D, recovery, etc...and if something goes wrong with momma, there is no transferring to an outside hospital (like womens and babies, which transfers you to LGH main hospital if need be, but not baby). we will be touring the heart tomorrow night, i will let you know what i find.....i am due 4/12 so only 5wks. if...
Root's Market, inside, near the office...there is a small family-owned/operated stand that sells raw cows milk, goats milk, raw honey, whole-grain bread, and cheese made from their milk (couple other things too but i forget what) - 2.25 @1/2gal, 4 @gal for raw milk. it is Fertile Valley Farm based out of myerstown. roots is open every tues am. also love the fresh produce prices i find there msg me if you have any questions or need directions
i didn't realize they weren't.....i was c/s (breech, failed to turn after 24hrs active labor etc, rita finally told my mom - hospital), #2 was born hospital, #3&4 were born at the birth center (qville @the time), though #4 was hospital transfer after birth due to a sort of placental retention, and #5 was then born in hospital (different practice) with a MW....LOL.
on hepB causing or not causing off-the-wall symptoms....i developed IBS, and was dx'd with asthma (though i believe i had it before, it just got slightly worse) after the 3rd hepB (i was 21, so nearly 5yrs ago) which comes and goes, also that whole summer after the 3rd one (and well after) was exhausted, no energy, headaches, dizzy, lightheaded, upset stomach.....yet "its a coincidence" dd, at her 9mos appt, got her 3rd hepB. that night we went to the ER bc DH and i heard...
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