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bless him! he's like "BERRYYYYY!!!!! YEAHHHH!!!!"
yup  food hugely affects our minds.  My DS was recently diagnosed as ADHD inattentive, so i stripped back his diet to basic foods with no added anything, no sugar, no salt/preservative, every single thing he eats is homemade- even cereal/cereal bars. gone GF too. and BAM in two weeks he is a changed boy. honestly i was thinking id lost him into his own little world, but he's doing so well now, thinking for himself etc (ie- realises we're going out and he will put his...
thanks for the update! i didnt realise that could cause such crazy symptoms! i hope your dd is feeling better real soon xx
i'm not too sure if MW's/OB can check for adhesions etc once you're already pg. i knew i had them because ive had rather a lot of surgery and each time theyve commented that i had adhesions.   i know theyre more likely if - you have endometriosis, pcos or if you tend to "over" heal, like if you have a cut and it forms a lumpy scar, or if piercings you have grow out and form lumps.   also if youve had a lot of surgery, keyhole or open then theyre more likely, also...
im such a worrier sometimes, she seemed to like it, but yeah just hoping not to spark off any allergies etc :s
my DS gave my (just) 4 month old DD a huge chunk of honeydew melon this morning while i was getting dressed.. she was standing up in her walker and he put it on the table part in front of her, i walk in to see her holding it and suck/chewing the heck out of it, no tongue thrusting, just proper gum gum gumming on it and screamed to high heaven when i took it off her (and gentley explained to DS that bubs wasn't old enough for food yet- he just replied that she was staring...
over here we call a frontal wedgie a "fredgie" heh   and i totally agree with pp that boys underwear is great, i love mine haha they cup ur bum like a bum-bra and i never get fredgies anymore. though for a little girl it might feel a bit weird wearing boys underpants, so maybe get some girly iron-on transfers to decorate them x
hello, i'm having a bit of a struggling focussing my thoughts into anything productive, feeling a bit jumbled up so bare with me while i figure out what i'm asking..   I always *knew* (mother's instinct) that my son had ADD or dyslexia, so i pulled him out of his school as he was getting lost in a sea of children (37 in his class and ONE teacher). i've put him in a private independant school where he now has only 7 classmates which is brilliant.   This has meant...
oh noo ive heard the weather over there has been really harsh, funny how the UK shuts down when we have 1inch of snow when all over the world ppl carry on as normal until they literally cant get out of the front door haha.   i really hope the doc gets back with some answers soon, i cant imagine how worrying it must be for you.
hello, how's things? an update would be great, ive been stalking your thread lol i just had nothing helpful to add really, other than hugs and best wishes xx
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