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Oh I hope we win! All of our kiddos would love this!!
Hello!    We are looking to travel to Hawaii some time in 2013.   We have some questions for you.   When is the best time to come?   We will have a 10 year old, 8.5 year old and two under 2 by next year. Which island will have the most fun things for us to do?   Where can we find volcanos to see, a luau, snorkel, surf and swim?    We also love aquariums, zoos, and science museums/centers.    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!
Lise, that would have been SO fun! Maybe another time ;-) have you tried looking at used kids stores? Once upon a child is a store we like a lot. Do they have those up in your neck of the woods?! Sorry you've been so sick. I can't imagine it with three babies, but it sure sucked with little Soren. I'm so sorry, but its totally worth it (and fairly reassuring too). 
Thanks Rowdie. That beach adventure looks fun! Shay has been to florida but not baby Soren yet. We will have to get him there next year.       
wishin': we had two vials my last go round and only used one, in case it didn't work, and I got pregnant. Our vial was still at our bank but we thought it would be absolutely nuts to store it for a few years at the price they wanted. We asked our bank if we could give it to another client of theirs and they had no problem with it. I really wished the vial would have been the trick she needed but sadly no. I would have loved to have had a donor sibling that we...
Starling: eventually I'll have eggs aplenty again and you're welcome to them and I'm drop dead serious about that. Omom: sage is a georgous little chunk: Desert: love that last picture you posted and all of the ones on Facebook. Soren and Shay both cluster nursed and still do from time to time when Sara is at work. Wishin: I'm super excited to hear about that ultrasound Thursday! Isa: sorry about the cold. Hello hello hello to everyone else. Tonight was my scone...
rozzie: My partner pumps every time she goes to work but Shay has been preferring just to nurse with me while she is gone (talk about draining!). I'll ask her if she'd feel okay with pumping and putting some away for you if you'd like. She doesn't eat any dairy because her body doesn't process it well and thus it makes the babies sick. 
Lise!!!!! How cool! TRIPLETS! I have said that about a dozen times today!
Soren, 4.5 months now. He's getting so big and so fun!          
rozzie: dp also said to tell you that your milk supply is highest in the mornings and to pump when you feed him before your leave for work and also pump about an hour or so after that it really get as much of the heavy milk flow time as you can. Also, Shay was a HUGE baby and still is and he never takes more than a 4 ounce bottle per feeding. When he was smaller it was a 3 oz bottle every 90 minutes or so and if it was any more than 3 ounces, he'd drink it all but spit...
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