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Thanks. Yeah, this post is pretty old, but I did get the Complete Air and it fits great in my small car. My now 2yr 9mo is rear facing in it. Expecting a newbie soon who will use the keyfit 30 I used with my first. I've been happy with both.
Could this be your friend's way of limiting hospital visitors? I have a friend who did the same thing and suggests it to others.
My 26 month old takes at least an hour to fall asleep for naps and at night, sometimes 2. Months ago she stopped being able to nurse to sleep (she still nurses before sleep, just doesn't actually fall asleep). She also doesn't usually like to be rocked anymore.   No problem - I nurse and cuddle with her and put her in her crib. She is happy to play with her stuffed animals and chat to herself until she eventually falls asleep. This used to take a half hour, which I was...
My DD just started doing this, but she's only 9mo, so she's obviously not weaning. I think she's just hanging out (being a bit lazy LOL), waiting for the letdown. 
I know you shouldn't check a car seat as luggage, but is it equally bad to check it at the gate, since those items aren't put in the baggage hold?This is (was?) my plan for an upcoming trip. Quote:  
Could you bring the radian and gate-check it like you might with a stroller? Just a thought...
If there is one skill a rich kid needs, it is how to never talk about class openly. Don't even acknowledge that it exists! Only when absolutely pressed, one might use euphemisms like "high net worth."   ;)
I sympathize! My DD does something similar. It turns out that it mostly happens when she is overly tired - she cries out suddenly but won't nurse. We started getting her to sleep much earlier, like 6 or 6:30, and being  more careful about naps, and this helped. 
For me it either feels like tingling, or sometimes numbness. I often feel it more strongly in the breast I'm not nursing on. Or sometimes I will have the sensation that the baby's latch suddenly became stronger/tighter even though it hasn't really changed. 
We just had a homebirth and right after the birth we put our babe in just a fitted diaper and held her skin-to-skin for the first couple of days. Since they go infrequently in the first 24-48 hours, a cover wasn't necessary. After that we put on a wool cover and a little kimono-style t-shirt. 
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