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Hey flowmom, Diet may be playing a big role here especially since you have all that mucus. Try to cut out until you are better; dairy(especially cold milk, yogurt), flour products, all cold foods(ice cream), and raw fruits and veggies. All these things increase mucus. Try to eat roasted veggies, cooked grains like rice, quinoa, barley, etc. Meats, especially chicken soup with lots of onions and garlic. Try a pear cut in half with some honey on topped baked in the...
Have you asked the babysitter if anything happened? I agree with balancedmama, go with your gut.
Thank you for the replies. Kempsmama, that sounds like an incredibly difficult situation you are in. You must be a very strong person. I am going to find some counseling to help me work through these things. Thanks. Satori, I am so sorry you are faced with developing diabetes. I have never experienced facing a chronic disease, so I truly don't know how it feels for you. It must be very hard. However, I know from research that I have done that you may be able to...
Yes, I too have felt responsible somehow for his illness. And I have recently realized that I am constantly asking him how he is feeling, what he is eating, when he is sleeping, if he is excercising, etc. But after all that worrying about him, I begin to feel resentful. But how do you let go and stop worrying when you have soooo much invested in this person? I just don't know how.
i feel your hurt too.
My husband was diagnosed with type one diabetes about 2.5yrs ago. This is insulin dependent diabetes. My role has changed tremendously since he was diagnosed. I feel like a caretaker now, not like a freind or lover. I am constantly worried about his health. Every time he eats cookies, or ice cream or drinks alcohol or stays up to 2 am, I get upset. When I look at him, I can tell by his skin color if he has been taking care of himself. His skin will have a...
I have not dealt with this, but my mother was married to a man who did this to her(my father). She would have to cut playdates short so she would have time to clean the house up before he got home. Otherwise he would have a big temper tanturm and emotionally berate her because the house was untidy. They got divorced, and it has been a very good thing for everyone involved. Good luck
That sounds tough. My dd is also three, and loathes being alone or playing alone. I have seen her play by herself maybe 10 times in her life. Can you send her outside during that time? Do you have a fenced in yard? My younger dd would hate that, but my older dd would have liked it. Or maybe she could call grandma sometimes. She is a little young for that too, but it might work. My girls love making necklaces. That is a nice quiet activity. Good luck!
That is a nice idea. I might try tacking up a silk over the light fixture. That would make it feel cozy. I would also tack up pretty magazine photos from national geographic or somethinglike that to look at; stuff like animals, forests, the sky, water, etc. Hmm, I guess tacks could be a problem though unless he is older. Sounds like a fun project!
Thank you for the replies. Yes! The visual spatial learner fits her very well for the most part. She has never been into puzzles or mazes, but she has always loved art; especially making three dimensional pieces out of odds and ends. She is also very creative. A few days ago she made a circus for her pet ladybug. She set up a tight rope out of string and had the ladybug walk the tight rope! I believe she also has a high naturalistic intelligence. She loves...
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