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Hey. You can read about online home-based jobs in an e-book I wrote: http://www.workfromhomeindiana.com/B...ernet_Jobs.pdf It's not much but you have some tips in there what you can do from your home
Find out who wants your product (you didn't tell what you are promoting) and then market it to them. With business cards and flyers you can target a lot of people but all of them may not want to buy your product. Just an example: If you are talking about Juice+ then I'd suggest you to market it to senior citizen and people who like to live healthy, maybe to mothers (they will buy a lot of things that are healthy - for their kids). Maybe putting an add in magazine that...
Not sure Carrin, but I think Twocoolboys is saying that someone contacted her to put ad for HIS site on HER blog. The other way around Hope I'm not mistaken, lol Twocoolboys, I'd suggest you to tell how much traffic you got and then think from there on. I also suggest you to maybe check out this link: http://www.problogger.net/archives/2...rtising-space/ Also, check with the guy who wants to advertise on your site how much he is ready to offer. If he has high...
One option is also to go to your Adsence Account -> AdSense Setup -> Competitive Ad Filter, and filter out adds you don't like
I don't know if this will help you but ... if you put Amazon.com product on your blog Google will match add's text with it. It's funny but it worked for me. You can maybe use this to filter Google adds? Just an idea, tho
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