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Oh, they are adorable! How amazing that you got to see baby hummingbirds grow up! I think that is just so cool! Thank you for sharing those pictures.
OK, finally got around to ordering. This is what I got... Math Express Speed Maths Strategies 1 Challenging Word Problems for Primary Mathematics 1 Textbook for 1A & 1B (stds edition) Workbooks for 1A & 1B (stds edition) It should be here in about a wk or so, so we'll see how it works out. A friend of mine really recommended the speed math and word problems, since she said her dd got a lot out of it. It sounds like most ppl think that the HIG isn't needed at this...
Thanks ladies! I got totally sidetracked, b/c it has been so busy, so I haven't ordered anything yet, but have found everyone's comments very helpful.
Quote: Originally Posted by kgianforti We are almost done with 1a. We use the textbook for discussing the lesson then my big girl does a little in the workbook for application. I also found that Cuisenaire Rods made 1a a breeze. So, I wouldn't need the 10's blocks? I have c-rods already at home.
Quote: Originally Posted by meetoo Is he going into 1st grade or 2nd? If he is going into first I would get 1a with work book/textbook and maybe HIG. Going into second iI think just the work books...... Thanks ladies! I guess I am confused, b/c I read about ppl saying that the HIG was really useful, but other posts that they only got workbooks. He's going into first grade. I think I will probably stick with the wkbk, text, HIG and blocks.
I need some help. I am going to order Primary Math 1A and 1B for my 6 yr old to work on over the summer. The problem is that since I am not able to really get my hands on the books before buying them, I am confused as to which books I really need. Also, which manipulatives did you find most helpful? I was thinking about getting the tens block and clock. I think the other items, I can improvise with stuff at home. They offer... Textbook Workbook Instructor...
Quote: Originally Posted by nichole My goal is to get him to work on the homework, read, do a short chore, and play outside before he is allowed to watch tv each day. I kind of welcome the activity. I'm not used to having both children home all day! Same here! I was so nervous about DS1 going off to K and now it seems strange to have him home everyday. The structured, "activities" help the day go faster and quite honestly, my kids complain...
Just curious if any of you who send your kids to school will be doing, "after schooling" during the summer? I will be doing a few things with DS1 (going into 1st grade). Mostly focusing on math, since I feel this is his weak point. I'm hoping to do miquon and singapore math with him and my preschooler. We also do a lot of science throughout the yr, so I'm planning to try to keep up with that over the summer, esp since it will fit in nicely with the mommy and me nature...
Quote: Originally Posted by atobols They do grow back and I leave the pots outside all winter. Cool! Thanks!
Not to hijack, but since we're on the topic, are these blueberry bushes supposed to grow back every yr if they are in a pot? If so, do you take the pot inside during the winter?
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